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The Problem & the Media influence

I am said to have placed myself on the road to self-destruction for what I write and say about people who think they had money and power. There is however no such thing, just the story of the fact I had a lot of my plate, being pushed about churns my tummy and its not just the smell I had to worry about, while their civil disobedience is legendary, so it never stops. The primary motivation for it being that we have allowed them take so much of the credit for the public work we did, so they had now since reached a point where they knew they could do no wrong in the eyes of the public, loved to build a crowd that helped them put themselves in charge to torture those who knew what to do and the Celebrities get involved out of fame authority, looking for a response. Same as the story that I spend most of my time complaining while what happens is that I am being stuffed with their problems while they hated Law enforcement, at the same time needed fraternisation with Land and Country to make full use of the nepotism they exhibited in my direction, their need to attack people affiliated to me directing me to stuff them in a socially safer way that meant they realised they were stuffed only when they were alone and doing so was better than a process of writing a private diary to cope.

The side question is whether I sneer at people and then use them as well at the same time. I do not do such a thing for my part in anyway; what really happens is that it had since come together, their need to bully people and get paid for being popular, the way they raise their Children to abuse people and get imagination around peoples private parts to claim they were decent and popular human beings who loved their Country and the Celebrities that will never be informed you did not really fancy people usurping your popularity. All designated consumers who need to stop handling employers and producers but it seems that it now had to be enforced.

They do claim all I say still meant I got wasted which is utter nonsense as the point was that if people were unable to say that I started out with a certain writing and another indicated my career progress, I ought to solve the problem by expressing the same behaviour on their salaries as well. The rest of the time, they claim I talk like Fidel Castro and Americans did not fancy communists, which problem is rather that American facilitate corrupt fat cats whose filthy activities to get to the top industry offices were the reasons for the perpetual public insults of their stupid children, making the most of Armed Forces jobs because people were being protected and I am being targeted because I became a hindrance, which situation they are ready to play up to such an effect as my entire career was tiresome. The more serious part being when they get off claiming my work was a business of extracting an income from areas that the families of those who held top jobs in companies should be making money, their fame idiots always keeping a watch on when I could be punished for making whoopies, their Celebrities having a need to engage with the Public as if they were me, which stifles my Book sales all day long, only to set out some people in Countries where the Government was unstable as scapegoats for persecution. 

The talk that appears to make the most sense on the ever-present Media abusive controversy, is that people never realised I am the enemy and it is very difficult to convince other people of it. I would not know anyway, I simply know that they are incredibly good at looking for trouble but the question is what a person does if they looked for trouble until they met an adversary that was too much for them – it seems that their answer to this question is to pick on somebody they believe will never oppose them and thereby build themselves a history of ferocity associated with standing up for themselves and what they believed in. The problem is that they complain too, complain such that a response is required from me, it is not that I am fighting back as such. The talk of how getting hold of me will get a mother to secure a new one is nothing unusual but the reality is more a matter of fame twats with half a brain talking nonsense about the possibility of a situation where somebody took that nonsense about their fraternity with community and country, meaning they believed they had a right and an impetus to make a mess of my career as much as they wanted because they could always rely on crowd support, coming to blows.

The problem is said to be the fact I had allowed them build up this business of handling me to an unimaginable extent but it is not the problem at all, I would never have responded to it, if their need to make trouble did not lead to outcomes where they claimed they had a reputation for being entitled to my career - they are not entitled to anything in this place and need to pay for a copy of my Books. They do claim they are entitled if they were fighting my wars but they are not, its only the constant battle to make me scapegoat when they had annoyed a Soldier to such an extent, he was out there bugging them until they joined the Military.

I am said to have allowed the matter fester for too long but I have not, it is usually pointless and among the lowest of priorities; should I assess it far enough, I will see my role in the matter being a process where they fought Public security operatives along the lines of what was important to the Military and the Police. That said, it should be noted that in terms of civil society, right down to the business of a need they had to thrown down heart disease gauntlet at others to a seek a new Country where they would be able to do as they pleased, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my work. As for the way these activities have affected me, I appear to have too many flashback of history memories of areas of my life they claimed was so embarrassing I had to give up my career, which indicated that they were using up my good reputation and the positive aspects of my personality as decided by their stupidities - very tough ascertaining how human beings invent such nonsense or the amount of insult required to do it. So I did last turn the whole business of claims I liked anal sex and loved to be dominated by bread winner women on them which is a step up and I wish to add to the list of their worries, the business of spending their social lives and public image with problems, like I have learned from their insanity as well - all it needs do is continue its obsession of solving its financial problems by handling my Public image, which stifles my Books ales.


They do claim I loved to attack Celebrities after I had used them which is utter rubbish, what happens is that we are now at the stage where they have begun to tell the lies and make statements about where I am, where they are and where my possessions are located and can be used to handle and blackmail me. The problem is that I wrote my Book of Equities which is a matter of which company managers or CEO had an affinity with my career and which of his workforce wanted to find out what I had written alongside the General public but the Celebrities had decided that my Books ought to cover their arse after the process of picking up my service process to build me publicity that meant I was supposed to work for them as their security guard had failed. The process of changing who I am to make me work for them as security guard itself which began after I had recognised years after dropping out of University because of them, that their interest in me was not necessarily one which suggested that obsession turned into good will, so I had to move it aside and set out a reputation on what was really important, so we can see why the tension is building. As for the rationale behind the behaviour, it will do anything to get me into a position where it could say I am an old oaf who had opinions about how people should handle me and my possessions while children were doing my career to get famous, which is usually more a matter of plugging their stupidities into my social life and work a bidding for a body that can beat me up with drugs and criminals, ending up with a need to pick up my civic duties so that they might actually have a chance at doing so – it will do anything to get into a stupid position where it got to communicate this nonsense at me and when I begin to investigate how they lived so I might run them down for it as well, I think it will look very good on those stupid pensions, so it is a question at this point as per whether they want to stop bashing my Books.

They do speak of my actions robbing people of careers but we have done all the routines, allowed them run the show but we end up with a situation where any who wants to trash peoples lives and get children dropping out of school, in order to share the money that men had in the City had the means to do so, never mind insults from their homosexuals about the respect they deserved and a need to abandon customers when they faced industrial complications. I am now very tired of it, started working this process of getting them to keep their practical jokes and comments where their own careers and public image is located since 2017, hence it appears that it is bound to end really well with those lies being continued so that they might keep at it, whereas I would rather have enjoyed seeing them lose all access to me and drop to obscurity to live out a life where people loved to see Celebrity grovel for show business money etc. It started with me showing up at University and a realisation that I had a Royal Hermitage and was there to find tools that helped me work it, whereby hell broke lose and continued since, when they had decided that somebody else who thought his stupidities were more important needed it - it should not have progressed as far as lies that are meant to continue a process of handling my career as they wanted but I suppose I like to get to the bottom of it as such. So the way it works is that they have mastered the art of blaming others for their problems, built a community that gets imagination up my bum, clashed with criminals who thought they did not deserve to have a career unless they were doing something bad and brave, plugged their stupidities into my social life to secure an exit, got paid for being popular and of the 16 years I have had to tolerate it, the last 6 has been spent bashing my Books, which action the idiots have not yet explained, hence the problem.

They do claim that I am just tackle people that are trying to get by and it is utter nonsense, what happens is that I am good with their insults but they never stop bashing my Books, nor do they explain their actions when they do. So next stop, I will be working on the business of what I mean when I say bashing Books, starting from white lie comments and gestures associated with others sharing my Public image and everything I do from the moment I get out of bed and the public is affected in a positive way among other things, as we know that when this happens an audience cannot get involved with anything whatsoever and it becomes more abusive as they hold out until they got what they wanted, to start all over again when it is most convenient them.


Industrial Generation and age range based repression, social and moral corruption.

Role of the advertisement advertisement industry in Equitable property destruction to push bothsales margins and other processes familiarity with the wealthy.


To meet with Firms that are willing to adopt a better way to work market and the operation of business.

To develop necessary service process by which tracing back to 15 years the equity and property which have been damaged at the Hermitage and the history of insults built for me by Celebrities which provide abusive parameters for existing disparity (as it is the duty of the welfare system to look into the welfare of younger people in are in difficult situations even when their parents are the people breaking the Law but what we are getting is that Celebrities made the rules)

Fostering the well being of good business engagement, which is attacked as part of the strategy for already existent and legitimate market and money exchange and to recover all property damaged or lost over a 15 year period as the continuation of profitable abuses and intrepid deep pocket practical jokes are based on incompetence, laziness and perception.


Trust Firms and Business entities that have joined us. Our moments of Industrial, creative and sometimes Market Triumph.


The big mystery is that I had much to do and much to catch up on but there are none, save protecting the Bookshop and its Clients by investigating the way that Celebrities, Popularity goons and society gits lived, as to run them down for it in search of Market incentives. Which is all I have learned from them as such, although doing so stagnates everything here including my personal life.

In like manner am I rather convinced that if the small business gits allied to them, were to face somebody who ensured that they had a very tough time, each time they had business dealings with people who were bigger than they are in any shape or form, most of their insatiable vandalism will have dissipated. 

The Alliance that Celebrities now want to develop in order to keep bashing my Bookshop and its Clients for Civil rights gimmicks that make them money in a manner which allowed them avoid work, is set to create questions that need answering on the matter of the reasons I never took the convenient option of attacking them instead of the Industry gits who are now out in force showing the full colours of their stupidities by picking up my service processes to change my social life and public image into one that they controlled, which allowed them make me get into a fight with others, to facilitate any instances they felt they wanted to feel safe and special, talking about forging the alliance if the need to bash my Books resulted in decisions that granted their wish of securing an opportunity to make a case of their cowardice at my expense, blocking my personal relationships.

They do claim they were wealthy and wanted some respect and recognition for it which is the main problem either way; they made the money plugging their stupidities into my social life and public image disobediently and now they say that the money is not enough, not enough if the business of getting paid for being popular by industry twats was originally set out for wealth equity mistresses, which structures they took advantage of and wrecked apparently, issuing the foolish threats as well. The rest claim endlessly that this was all about people taking advantage of me to make money like Celebrities as well and I suppose they could stop complaining about smell issues as well, spend their youth being tough, so that they might be able to notice that somebody else had little choice about Celebrities trashing a wealth equity system to get rich – even the wealth equity system offered opportunity for work but the fucking idiots must get imagination up my bum because of their interest in it, so I believe I am justified in the course of action that I am preparing myself for as well; if getting rid of the Celebrities to ensure that when I attacked them it would cause them to keep the stupid hands to themselves, it was a lot of work I could do without and if there is a prospect of me getting attacked instead, I believe that they are starting to decide where those stupid hands should be kept as well all together.

I do get told I had already done this job and yes I had, the mess is being made by Politicians, such that all of them were Prime Ministers, so if my career facilitated Prime Ministers leadership it does their own as well and none knows what Party whip is doing these days anymore, save of course we do know the bottom chasing issues had gotten completely out of hand, which suggests Party whip is working over time but they cannot be caught dead stopping it any time soon. The story overseas developed from Stupid American girls with a need to provide some form of Global stage leadership showering me with insults, to a point where they could not make use of their freedoms of speech without making a suggestion of being superior to me, giving way to nepotism that was to decide where I published my Books and ran a Bookshop on account of plans their stupidities had, which is now ending very well. Since their abuses began, especially from the blacks and overseas friends, I had ended up working with Clients with respect to overseas matters on a private equity basis that they can blow off their big mouth and take their clothes off on as well, I suppose they would love to push it further from here.

It is not a matter of being prepared to wreak havoc, it is a case of the fact that their need to trash my finances and live in a world of civil disobedience is set to progress from the part where I tell them to get stuck in with boys getting imagination up my, wrecking my career to decide whom I should be getting into a fight with, which had nothing to do with anything in this place but takes up all my time, into something much more serious. What I am losing is the business of being able to manage a handful of idiots with strange ideas about women, either way which the business of wrecking my finances to get me existing in a way that helped to manage the women, securing a response where I trashed everything they had done throughout their lives in a bid to control women as well, has nothing to do with anything, either way of the fact that continued perverted interest in me had caused them to lose a lot of money over the years – it was a clear, logical response with meaning that any lay person would have been able to understand.

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I am said to be of the opinion everything people channel at me is a form of abusive behaviour, but this is not true. What really happens is that since they helped trash my academic work to keep going a certain public perception of my personality, to allow them get paid for being popular with it, their behaviour towards me have become increasingly more abusive and violent and now we have entered a stage where I had to live with a world where they spent time patenting bits of my life to their names, garnished with a group of bullies at the Monarchy who wouldn’t let it be so the Queen gave the responsibility of protecting me to those and they have now turned out to play both sides where they hated those friends of theirs at the Monarchy as a resolve for channelling more abusive behaviour at me while their eyes and hands were fixed on my hermitage and financial concerns – this has been garnished with another history that occurred between 2015 and 2019 when they trashed my Bookshop building interests criminals showed in my concerns on Media as a form of financial abuse, so that while I got bullied into doing something about it, everything I did went to waste on account that those culture and society gits tackling me had communities to run me down by which I was being handled by some ageists, while everything I did successfully about it was to be passed off as a part of their career on Media and I plan to ensure that Celebrities suffered for the destruction of my Bookshop thereof, as I really am convinced that if they got away with this, I wouldn’t be human in the eyes of the world. I have been told that they had no reason to fear or respect my person and that from the facts I have pointed out, they had every reason to be afraid of me, especially the culture and society bits – but I am not certain they are aware of what will come of a process where each involvement with me was followed up with consequences for the culture and society daddies that back them up for it and if it involved getting near my Books while they already profess to hate it, I will likely make the consequences many times are harmful, so do the celebrities fail to realise this theory that I am unable to do a thing about it because when this history of their clashes with a history of me assuming that ignoring them solved a problem, I go under and they got on top with a media presence to show for it and all goes down the drain in this Hermitage and became very amusing, they are yet to realise the danger is that I will get away with everything I did to them over it. It mostly is a delusion of what indeed they can do about me, on the part of the celebrities and their criminal culture and society goons but the damage done to my Bookshop does not play a part in the matter, even when it comes to a process where others own entertainment industries that they wish to deploy as a tool that helped them patents bits of my life to their names, blowing off their big mouth at me on media for it every day – this is what I wish to ensure they suffered for intensely.

So I am told that I have never really explained why I support the President Trump but what is lost is the fact that Mr Trump does not really support main republican party base, he thinks that it is full of ageists who are responsible for spike in criminal activity having completely wrecked the lives of younger people and he despises Liberals not least because of the destruction of his Hospitality business for absolutely no reason save discomfort caused by his Political view – what he loses then is funding for his campaign but when he wins the White House on this platform, he really wants to fulfil this promise.

The Politicians complain that we are not competitive with communists, but it was always the problem i.e., British companies will build products that communist customers paid for but instead of a service process, we hung around somewhere competing with communists and then when we return, we have not got a foggiest clue what we are doing with local economy anymore. We even have here a case where these companies broker Equities with this Hermitage and the very need to prevent Customers buying products and paying the price for the insanity these goons displayed became a battle for survival, then it shows up to say I think I have been there but have never been, when it only need show up here to read something I had written, as set out.

Task: To Broker Lifestyle and Asset Equity through the creation of Products by which our Customers and the Customers of our Broker Clients organise the purchase, use and even development of the supplies they purchase at the Local and Global Market place.

Action: To eliminate the involvement of general public social lives and lifestyles which do not foster or antagonise our main objective. To use them as tool for Publicity by weaving Equity and Equitable services into the products themselves, thereby releasing Equity from a Royal Hermitage for our Clients.

The Arch Prince (Hermitage Resident): Acquisition and Temperament process of our Asset Equity is flexible but mainly includes keeping workers of culture and society ills constantly informed of Hermitage engagements, the knowledge of which they carry around in the course of unacceptable activities, thereby providing product, operations and market PR for the Hermitage naturally and security is settled through property Equity Administration for our Clients. This means that our Books through which our Clients find Equities that best fit their Operations and our websites where we care for other needs are as provocative to them as possible and we aim the make our Publicity even more so.

Result: The successful Broker and creation of products by our Clients and development of lifestyle by our consumer Clients which detach from processes of social ills such as violence and war, facilitating the profitability of our customers personal supplies at the Market place.

Follow on: So I am beginning to work on my strategy more intensively, meaning that the female hope mendacity that works with bullies playing market practical jokes on other peoples career alongside the other problem associated with ethnic minority women having a social life regardless of whom they got into a relationship with and how many children they had as a result of it, may do whatever they liked, if they stopped handling me and kept the distance from my concerns and Bookshop. It is understandably conjectured I am a  threat to women but I am not - this is a behaviour performed because it facilitated wild freedom, identical to career crime and a means to secure and control men into whose lives those who performed them may run to in search for security, while they had no sense of right and wrong and mercy to avoid harming others on the part of their victims had become a habit. Not long after we find they secured alliance with German friends and there was not enough make up in the world, a certain behaviour emerges because they did not have to organise their personal lives.

It all feeds into another story whereby I have to explain the bad treatment I get from the Monarchy which is non-existent. What happens is that The Queen thinks I delay my work until the bad things happen and if I got encouragement I would not, I had to explain this as per the fact I needed to avoid clashing with Politicians as it is not my domain, so I was given authority to work on my own initiative in 2018. What has created the illusion of ill treatment is a group of people who have adopted the initiative to protect me from relationship based abuses by Celebrities - to say I may trust them would be insane but I rely on them for this. Hence the sooner Celebrities, Industry people and applicable Politicians accepted that it worked this way, regardless of what they want to respect, the sooner we may return to a more normal form of living with less of the bottom chasing issues associated with the life of famous people who must get on the ground to ensure people in Uniform who require their support got it - while those who handle my personal life must accept I am single and cash strapped at 40 and they are therefore not doing a very good job, especially with respect to complexities associated with an assumption it would be easy to drag a Hermit out into a relationship with Celebrities.


A typical instance of this sort of thing is when it is said that my career is messy, which indication was that I had gotten involved with work done at Government or the operations of the Head of State, hence it was pointed out that my work was messy, about which I set off explaining that it was but I could account for it, as per my mind is not broken, it has only been spent punishing society gits who have wasted 12 years of my time to follow me around and wreck my finances to such an extent that when they put me to the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, I will be able to make sense of it, garnished with other ethnic minority idiots who trashed my University studies, showing up to chase sales on the social life that emerged while I was studying. So we have a history at this stage and people may ask them about it at any time, I for my part thinking it was completely worth it, seeing that they are still at it and will not allow any of these facts to get out on the matter either because they would much rather prefer people joined them in talking about my attitude while they did it, the complaining being rife as such, we have not yet reached any stages where I got to fuck the society everyday so they could not step outside of their door, just like those foolish communities get to get imagination up my bum work on me every day, the idea they raise being that I will get into trouble for it, the reality on the other hand being that they will not step outside of their door to get me into any trouble if I got up to it.

The Celebrities are usually another story that picked up all I did to play stupid wild practical jokes that wasted everything by and their game was always as simple as not making silly comments about my Books or social life which consequence were that I had difficulty paying the Bills, this is what they will not stop doing if they preferred issuing threats at me instead, drawing my attention to what it looked like when show business people were no longer able to handle me, the way they will fall to obscurity, which they believe is not in my interest, so I do have the history with culture and society trouble makers but I don’t have one with them yet, hence where I want to be. I have no idea what it is exactly Celebrities could do about me if this eventually resulted in a situation where it was obvious I did not necessarily like people usurping my popularity, they were therefore mad enough and I was angry enough for it, the business of hurtling down a rabbit hole to prevent people doing my career at the backyards of Industry while the stupid bottom chasing students allied to them trashed my health and University studies coming to play in the matter as well – recent catalyst have been this business of picking up their social media profiles to move on the consequences of their perverted interest in me, to be informed that I would not dare try doing anything that was not in their interest because to begin with, I was following their social media profile and they could use it to their advantage which would add up to more setbacks and more abuses that I could easily not get angry about if they were not doing damage to my Bookshop to facilitate their brand of popularity that involved industry gits giving them money when they bullied people. Hence the question of what it is exactly they could do about me if the need to show I did not like them usurping my popularity played into this and my seemingly extreme intolerance for the vices that come with their lifestyles having such unimaginable impact on my health and career, whereby I was angry enough and they were mad enough for it as well.

It is not really a difficult matter, not even the part where racism had helped black people to handle my career, public image, and finances as if we were relatives, like they believe it is. Eventually it turns to the matter of state provided security annoying them which beats my imagination all the time since it was meant to be the clearest indication, they were supposed to keep their careers out of mine. What then happens really being that the process of doing nothing when they picked on me to involve themselves with important people at the Monarchy, if my energy could be better spent preventing them from damaging career, personal life and public image, whereby they had soon started complaining about important people at the Monarchy and vice versa meaning that it had become a problem I needed to respond to, especially when they picked on me as well, while the Elephant in the room was the damage they did to my finances and the way they passed off the effects as tool for violent abuses and lasciviousness that can be used to handle me in a way that boosts their popularity, complaining about the effect it had on the Monarchy whereby they needed to express themselves so at my expense every day. This is the condition which ensured that it did not take a genius to make sense of where power and hierarchy of authority was located but I tended to get protection from people who operated at the lower levels of the Monarchy because their entire lives may easily be dedicated to doing this. This is the state provided security that annoys them endlessly so, of which none understand if their LGBTQ communities had grown out of proportion at this stage, why they will not stop making comments about my Books and my Public image to make a mess of the career, of which my studying at home is now one of their main concerns as well, set to get a response too: not clear what they can do about me in 24 Hours, if I picked up the stupid bottom chasing issues that had since become a phenomenon this this Country, which had emanated from the way they raise their children to insult and abuse other people endlessly, talking nonsense about my attitude when they were not putting their own twats on the line because they were proud of their Country and I picked up their Celebrities alongside. This does not mean I want to change my messy work either – I am not active on the outside but I have realised I am incredibly active on the inside compared to most people, hence I have discovered their stuffing them with what I knew produced such pressure for me to thrive on, likewise the fact that if Celebrities picked up my career to pass off as another person’s own on Media, my doctor will be speaking with me about heart disease in a short period of time. They do claim it is expensive for them, like the destruction of my career to make me into a character from which people sorted out finances is expensive for me, not least because it will help them build up idiots that will attack those who interfered with their needs – mostly it is something they do as well, ripping up my finances to get me making sensed of insanity that passes on their left and right hand side all the time, once they were confident I needed money and they had some, I will lose everything I have to get a little – hence they always had more in my view, only avoidable when I no longer have to write private diaries to cope with their interest in me. They do claim it will get me into trouble because they had their insults and civil disobedience to play with but if I faced any dangers, I would want to know if we were mates, relatives or I moved into their backyard to nudge them out of their homes, hence that stupid interest in me and recent abuses that suggest I am female and should move to their left hand side with a big mouth.

They do claim it is all a matter of not doing what Americans wanted, which is utter nonsense as for me it is more a matter of living a loutish lifestyle which in the UK has massive disadvantages, not least when a person is involved with the Monarchy. My loutish lifestyle helps get to the heart of issues where people rip up my career and get normal white people doing racism, installing for the purpose a social arrangement where if  person was offended by another, entire communities were offended too, so they might be in a position to provide me with leadership that facilitated their financial well being when a government had been installed to quarantine the consequences of their institutional stupidities, blazing my trail the entire time but if I did it in quite dignity like the traditional way at the Monarchy, it would be so much better for all but so little of the problem would have been resolved.









The story they need to tell as a matter of self-expression every day, is that I am an affront to their popularity culture and it is asking for a response – I wouldn’t know anyway, I understand that the way their insults wreck my careers and finances to build up to the disgraceful way I lived, which was an affront to their popular culture, was all a counterproductive process and it got me to make sense of the way they committed crimes to sort out their financial problems but when they ended up in prison for it, their financial problems got worse, so for what the threats are worth, it needs do its self a favour, keep from my Books and restrict its stupid comments and that of its Celebrities to its own social life. They do claim it does not excuse me living disgracefully and yes it does not but the disgracefully is a product of their abuses and insults, which gets allies, friends and business partners thinking I am incapable of protecting them from harm in my premises, wrecks my finances and then they teach it to their stupid Children who worked it at Office space, office blocs and Office windows all day long, shooting off that big mouth at every characters that was not asking their stupidities about it, which does clearly show the likelihood of this becoming much more serious than their stupidities had anticipated if I developed a Public life and matters of my Public life were worked around it as well. So they say we Libera Personalities do this all the time; abandon self-care when we do not like people and places we have ended up in; but it is a story of the way that one spends so much energy to keep the self together while the idiots got imagination around my private parts obsessively to chase money and market success, only to be informed by a scum who took it all the way to the Monarchy, that I needed to find the energy to tidy up – besides, it seems that the untidy environment which helped to express the fact I have never seen anything as filthy as their stupid selves, impedes their ability to get imagination up my bum, so the result of tidying it up will likely be an outcome where I hung about wondering over it endlessly. So it is much more than this as it were, the fact I am a Millennial as well, which would be the other half of the story where I could never tell who was watching me on CCTV, which again they claim is a murky issue while it is said that we Libera characters are more comfortable with colour orange and I would never have been able to tell when it was not Colour Orange watching me on CCTV, where they think that if they had it, they had a license to be wise arses and would never get a response from me as such – so we see it is the classic case of a Libera being sneaky and subversive. The History we have here being that they had produced a process where it is not people watching me abusively on CCTV that was the challenge I faced but the idiots who stole whatever I did about it for their own fame and glorification – popularity in every nook and cranny, grabbing, stealing, pinching, abusing, issuing threats, alongside that nonsense where their sense of importance and business connections I wrecked, was located mostly in Monaco where rich people went to spend money and it will never stop tackling me over its popularity stupidities that have now gone all the way to the Monarchy, talking nonsense about the disgraceful way I lived which it had caused being an affront to its chosen foolish lifestyle with a big mouth, if it had not ended very badly as well. Lesson number one has been the need to hang about at Hollywood USA, getting rid of colour orange, claiming I am discriminative while criminals were bad people, clinging to my Books and telling me I will sell it for the services I had provided someday, being abusive and violent, talking nonsense about which battles I had not fought to deserve my career and when the criminals its stupidities said were nice people got out of hand, knew where my Books were located to hurt me by every day, whereby it thus needed to express its stupid self at me constantly, every time that it is quiet in this place, with a big mouth – the first stage has ended very badly, it is rather confident it will win a war against me with respect to its fame idiots. We do see the idiots make the most of it, claiming I talk as if I am the one winning battles, of which I did not have any battles to win, if criminals and hoodlums knew that increased involvement with me meant the means by which they ended up in my writing and my books, which would become amusing and facilitate people making popular culture around my public image and public work to churn their tummy, especially when the Police got involved – the purpose of which is clear, that they needed to stop following people around, especially those who were victims of crimes that they were responsible for.


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