The story they claim had never been resolved here is what they suggest was the fact I am always seen playing around with other peoples women; the truth of it is that I don’t, their women are sent out by them to pick up my service processes and build me publicity that will help produce a dream of seeing Church person being run down until they were more important on account that they were popular people – hence these will not be the only matrimonies that I get to wreck as well. I suppose what has happened over time is that they had forgotten when they had ended up and had done nothing to control the abusive and insulting insidious boldness of their women. Here they suggest I am at risk of causing femicides which I understand entirely but the process is the same all round for the stupid racism that they relied upon i.e., a person is offended by other, and an entire community was offended too, as stupidly as possible. They expect me to inform them that I am wrecking their destructive matrimony of vandals before I set about it, I suppose.

We cannot be free from gimmicks associated with their civil rights responsibilities as such but neither have we yet heard of the sex, drugs and rock and roll, since the last time they threw down the gauntlet on me over heart disease. When it is amusing the way I respond, the stage is set for a time when it will cease to be amusing when they show up here for something else other than buying and reading the Books that was the cause for us to meet in the first place. Mostly however it had progress from what it was in 2001, when they were absolutely certain life was about peddling my personal life and public image to get paid for being popular, by 2006, I had dropped out of University because the idiots never stopped showing up on my social life to chase sales while I was studying, now they have reached a stage where they simply run me down all day to sell things, which had come about because all the other activities were developed to facilitate what men wanted and they were not attacking me to secure a response that helped to solve the problem which had emerged because the men loved to tear up their person life and career to facilitate beauty sleep among other social fringe gimmicks. So, it is all very vile nonsense which outcome is meant to be a process where they died to solve the men problem and I got run down for the rest of my life for being the coward, the assumption being that I should have tolerated it.

So what is happening is that this was to me evidence people knew the Armed Forces was short-staffed and they needed to be a part of it but were running from the war – now that they also know that they can go there to develop ideas I am not brave enough to deserve my career and get paid for being popular, I want them to take advantage of the situation and do it again and again and again, find out where I plan to stop my own gimmicks as well.


I am told I tended to omit the Ministers for Parliament for most of the way that I defended my career. It is not the case – the reality is that they are always very slippery and started off this gimmick about making stupid government decisions, suggesting in Public places that religion was the source of all problems and living up gimmicks about the deal between Parliament and Monarchy by making governmental mistakes and ripping up my career to fix it, fooling around with every idiot in Town especially Public transport operatives that clearly were in a position to enforce the deal between Parliament and Monarchy as well. I am sure they must have been aware at this stage that when mine kicks off, one of those things about which they would say I conducted an assassination and not that we were at each other’s throats and there was really no reason for it, the results will go beyond Royalty telling the Queen they loved to handle Government Offices at tools by which criminals may find a way into peoples careers and finances. For the time being, what they do is quash every public interest in my livelihood to replace it with a sense that all I did was get out of bed, and go back and forth on issues of male and female society wasting my whole life – never did they tell me I was too much of a coward to deserve my career while they planned to end their election drought over my public image, when they had not yet built a crowd that will support their stupidities on it while they got off selling the fact they were family people at Parliament and never have they yet accepted that since they built that stupid crowd, the crowd had become the biggest problem that I faced, instead they speak of a low life like me providing Public leadership of which I am a Hermit but if they want a fight, I am guarantee that some Political gamblers will lose woefully in this place.

Persecuted by Politicians who started claiming I had little respect for them because their salaries did not show they had the same type of jobs as the Millionaires, then they get involved with industry and rip up my University studies because their bottom hurt, after that none knows if this need to work something about a mannerism associated with having something they told me to do and got me to do it like I am a hired help, is meant to indicate they planned to get ahead of the weather, as the fact I did not see the world the same way they did was a huge problem. It does this and it cannot even do the corrupt part where people trash careers in neighbourhoods to employ criminals and straddle the two positions to claim those who had problems with criminals showed a lack of respect for the wealth of rich people but if I ensured this nonsense showed up at its constituency, I would be said to have been the one acting dangerously. I mean the confidence is not there anymore, that those of us who worked for the Government did a job where we did not have to worry about only making use of half our lives, whereby no matter how rich people were, they could never be wealthier than the treasury from which we are all paid – thankfully, the Labour Party is not in control anymore. They claim we get involved with Industry at the Monarchy but we don’t – just something about what comes round to a persons authority and abilities and the way the person got about it; in my case businesses always want to play with me, so I had to find a way to get to what they wanted and what they wanted was a safe environment in which to conduct business, I then hatched a plan to write Books that broker creative equity, while they could be assured that I was set to do what I could in my capacity to assist them – what then happens is that the Books are not important a handful of idiots as gimmicks about me fighting battles that were the result of their personal decisions, so I hardly discuss this because it is such an opportunity as we never attack celebrities in an overt and public way, although our lives would be improved if we did and of course if I discussed it, I would lose the opportunity to confiscate publicity that the companies who use them had built up for each time that State functions were interfered with.

Generally, to make it all go away, it was always a simple tale of stopping everything Politicians built up to quash public interest in my Books and replace it with something of people being able to do whatever else they liked with my service processes because Government had started it off for them. So, it either stops with no threats of a tit for tart gimmicks where what I had done with results that came through of their need to handle my assets having been an assumption that it is my property when it is not practical jokes, posing a real risk that I might end up being like them and they might end up wielding the big stick. Alternatively, it can be resolved with the big stick, all the way to the Celebrities who loved to perform their own versions mock me and run advertisement on it and then I begin to become ill thereafter.

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