They claim my involvement with global diplomacy is doing more harm than good which is so annoying as the harm was all invented and fabricated. I mean that what they have done is convert a situation where they created an unstable global economy and a financial crisis, which led to companies securing contracts from Communist businesses, then set about giving me some work to do with respect to the fact my equities were brokered to secure those contracts and facilitated the contracts. The Communists made sense of it in terms of people investing in their country, knowing a lot about it and so they were open to being harmed if they used big population military to tackle others, besides which the benefits were to great to risk for such things. These gits had since trashed all of it and had not come up with an alternative, an explanation for what they have done therefore is something to do with involvement on my part. It seems to be an agreed way that the US Government wishes to operate apparently, to approve these gimmicks where people make a mess, send out soldiers to sit at the gates and run down people who had careers they envied until their level of Political power had been topped up – I have to avoid working like that because of my work on environment security and the fact that there are industry leaders getting along with me whose interests I wish to protect and it does need to stop yanking me as well. It does not explain its position in any turn – it had enough money to say that if it spent £40,000 every six months on itself, it could love comfortably for 6 lifetimes without a break, so it comes up with gimmicks to trash peoples assets, pushes off paranoia about others trying to get by making money through the way its business had affected the world and delegates the paranoia, those who carry out its wishes do not care which one is actually making money at its expense, they were out to grab what they saw and show up here ripping up my property, if I had an opinion, it shoots off its big mouth about the way that poorer people would suffer because of me and yet the property it has damaged to arrive at a stage where it could say that to me, did not belong to them – usually if they are employing people with the money, it was probably pointless to raise the issue but they are now coping out – knows me well enough. It would fancy the means to negotiate with the public on how people would work for less, if there was an economic crisis or economic failings but the frequency and the enthusiasm and the joy by which it sets about creating events in which there were casualties is incredibly, the big mouth will claim it had enough money to negotiate with the public if it needed to but we know it had since not decided which issues had predetermined results the last time we checked. Much the same as I hated seeing the fame freaks that have put me through hell over their need to live in a history where I did nothing about their destructive and abusive interest in me, show up near the job again for the history they had with me, while I have cleared up many times that I worked only with Celebrities in a Court system.

I am told I thought others ought to pander to my needs. It is utter nonsense – 7 year of my time just getting a bunch of famous idiots away from making statements about what they had to an effect which stalled public interest in my Bookshop, such that people who took part and shared some of their money wanted to maintain a process of causing me the distress by which they solved personal life problems they brought upon themselves through personal decisions and this is wrecking my public life, health and earnings, as it was what they were selling. I do not consider it too much of an issue as such, if people stripped me of decisions I made about fantasies other had over my career and how my talents can be deployed for criminal purposes, I can make another but what we have here is a group of idiots that run off abusive advertisement to keep it going and this is what causes so much insolence and abuse to facilitate people getting imagination fingers up my bum, question being why it was facilitated like that, which scum thought they were so entitled to my career and my property that even though they had their own problems, they had to live like that, talking rubbish about being 10 times my size until we met over it that is. Then there are the rich idiots who tell people that insulting me while selling a product would get them buying lots of that product, having we arrived at a stage as well for their part where the things they damage to get to such a stage in their social lives did not belong to them and they were coping out, so these idiots were the Arch Prince, while I was not. We see it eventually reach that stage where they were seen suggesting that British Government being more corrupt than third world leaderships was the way to an economic future, not withstanding that society fools had a part to play in this matter where I was being convinced though lots of insults, abuses and threats of violence, that their interest in my morality and personal space must have at this stage arrived at that point where I needed to stop abandoning the business of picking up the effects that I would secure from being a narcissist as well; find something they really hated with respect to an ease with which I travelled down their criminal popularity backyard and showed up at the other end running down the stupid celebrities as well and deciding which ever one converts responsibility for workers in their care into a process of abusing me, would lose the job. It is baffling that human beings would chose something like this as a lifestyle but I too need to get on with my own or I will burn their world, no such thing as expecting their stupidities to pander to my needs as fantasised.

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All about self confidence, fear of Celebrities and their abusive hoodlums awaiting points at which prices will be right to get violent at victims from whom they deserved career proceeds, who only pick themselves up when they emulate the financial beneficial deviance of Celebrities featuring any sense of power they exhibited at the expense of their victims.

The excuse has always been that my position alienates them thereby costing profits but it does not in anyway - they lobby Politicians all the time and its all a matter of the way what they are doing with their businesses would be more profitable by one public policy and not the other, thereby motivating them to spend money on the Party or Government operative that is making such a policy as an incentive, as long as it does not hurt people, thereby causing the Government operatives to lose the job.


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