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All about self confidence, fear of Celebrities and their abusive hoodlums awaiting points at which prices will be right to get violent at victims from whom they deserved career proceeds, who only pick themselves up when they emulate the financial beneficial deviance of Celebrities featuring any sense of power they exhibited at the expense of their victims.

The excuse has always been that my position alienates them thereby costing profits but it does not in anyway - they lobby Politicians all the time and its all a matter of the way what they are doing with their businesses would be more profitable by one public policy and not the other, thereby motivating them to spend money on the Party or Government operative that is making such a policy as an incentive, as long as it does not hurt people, thereby causing the Government operatives to lose the job.


We do have to listen to the academically detrimental bragging that I cannot and will never be free of my punishment and I have no idea what Punishment they believe they have inflicted on me anyway – it’s about hanging around somewhere working with a persona I had created myself which suggested I am sad, picked up by idiots whose parents blow off a big mouth at me when they want to play with my livelihood and trash my finances talking nonsense of privileges that have not befallen them literally and this is the only thing that serves as a punishment, as I am not meant to be sad, it’s just something I do to get a certain type of Royal work finished. Generally however, these people hate my Books right down to the titles and it inhibits every insanity they want to invent as to trash people’s lives and show up somewhere finding money magically, while I had more Books to finish during my time in this world all together. They have done their bit but now they understand me too, dropping out of University was not a big deal, the perverted interests in me continued for years, I had to make the career work by finding employment everywhere and apprenticeships everywhere and they still didn’t work, now saddled on one hand with the idea that I had allowed them financial advantage which is not really an advantage unless they want to move the money to another economic system, and on the other a handful of German twats making the best of gimmicks they claim was a product of unprofessional behaviour when I worked for a German company as a security guard, while what really happened was the need to inform criminals that they couldn’t rely on me due to my physical attributes and my entire time on the job role was hell on earth as a result, hence the bottom chasing bits must be a need to see what comes of their abuses and insults if they carried on long enough all together – so nothing has worked and I have been unable to tidy up and finish the academic work, so they needed to know there is nothing they could do about me if I started taking personally the way these stupidities wreck my academic pursuits so they might wear suits in the city centre and pay gits that want to take clothes off on my public image, to make sense of the interest criminals have expressed towards the fact I am a writer on media every day, such that I started targeting them intensely as well but either way, they are winning and I have more Books to write as it were, I can testate to the fact the insults are giving me ideas, there is no assistance for their cause by. In the end, the allure of Government work was the fact those involved were not caught up in a two world situation where one part was handling the finances and the other was running their lives; people in government are in there, running their lives and being paid by the tax payer, I don’t know why were are always denied the opportunity to enjoy it by Liberals anyway, I don’t know why they need to ensure it is sickening and violent all the time but we can see that it’s about my Royal social life and public image while the abuses being financially profitable was about greed and I am being pushed closer and closer to the stage where I ran off the cycle of ignoring them and trashing their finances for every involvement with me that did not involve respect or professional activity and the Celebrities are the main factor in moving this along as it were. There is no punishment they can inflict, it’s their big mouth wagging – accountability will make me weak apparently if their Politicians are chasing down and tearing apart my academic work and career to handle my social life over the political failing that shame them all the time, thereby proving they were correct.

There is talk naturally of the way this behaviour developed into a promise of power but we know they will never stop working the premise of young people who sign up to the military earning a right to be respectful of nothing, knowing the others from the republican side will be said to be criminals while reality is that these were people who signed up to the military to fight their battles as well and therefore didn’t have to respect anything too. There is the insulting statement that never goes away, that I am a low life that has been drafted by the Monarchy to get on their nerves – history is that I got a Royal commission, went to University to study for things I had to do with it which they wrecked in order to get paid for being stupid and popular on the social life and public image, now it had become the sort of democracy they want to have by looking to create a process where I tried to engage people in a pre-existing trust system with a Bookshop while I was being made to learn how to sell products by a handful of middle class and lower class twats who sooner or later find themselves caught between shop managers and the local community and seek scapegoats that will smell in their place, playing around with a Media presence. For their part, they are a bunch of idiots with a Media presence – racism more or less come from them and we know Nazis started off as socialists, hence the questions they raise constantly about how close I should be allowed to get near their culture, history and civilisation and the support the get from ethnic minorities that are as queer as they are – a bunch of idiots with media presence to play with who think it is fun to pick up the way criminals view another person’s daily concerns and build it into a bubble on Media that helps them take advantage of what the person did to support some female journalists that wanted to report the news without risk of abuse from society gits, now that they had wrecked all of it, they are now taking their security from the source, wrecking everything here – a bunch of idiots who will not stop risking prospects of their families getting a feed back the way they make a mess of other peoples lives, building up the interests of criminals and wrong doers to run off on those they wish to take advantage of, in order to hang around somewhere later speaking to people as thought those they spoke to were subordinates their stupidities had accounted for in everyway imaginable, then get off ripping up my concerns over some new way to control people which they found me act on when I worked a private security industry job, which was really about a handful of gits who had ideas on how I ought to do something they couldn’t, should try to avoid trouble and spend more time with their celebrity fools instead of trying to govern me, what the idiots who think I am a low life the Monarchy deploys to annoy them have thought of it, is the means by which others could lose something by coming into contact with their stupid selves. It does go without saying it enjoys these threats it issues at me expressing its stupidities down my way in such violent manner as suggest I am a subordinate its stupidities had accounted for all the time and I can get worse too, each time I get up an Office to try and remember something I had on my mind for my Books without success, their stupidities will feel me too. So far it’s a case of Celebrities making a total mess of my career and when I withdraw access from them, they tackle me and require me to pick on somebody my size, which is quite stupid enough but even more so when considered in terms of the fact it is a behaviour meant to institute a sense of entitlement as insultingly as possible but really has to do with a career that another had worked for a whole life time – which has now developed into a case of requiring their stupidities to make sense of the fact I am on a career schedule as well – when it’s a low life the Monarchy deploys to get on their stupid nerves; I mean on a scale of one to ten, I can comfortable decide that for famous people, this behaviour rest comfortably on a nine rating at least. I am very well aware I am not a victim in the matter as they say too and the very process of moving away from this adds up to an outcome where I had lost something important because of the way they have worked it into my social life and public image and found the prospects amusing – so they now have to make a choice to be bullies or to show some respect for a writer whose career they cannot stop handling.

The biggest problem is that they tackle me because of the effects of living with their incessant and mostly abusive corruption of involvement and there is a real threat that the smell must stop but they do not like the solution for it either, hence it is said that I needed to stop following up the issues as people fighting my battles at the Monarchy was a mistake but it’s not a big mistake in the wider world, only at the Monarchy – we can see that Celebrities started out viewing my Books as a means to build publicity for their new fame, then they picked up a bad neighbourhood I had located myself in to write Books by, as a tool for clinging to my Public image and blowing kisses at criminals over my career because I ought to get into a fight with people to protect those who were rather special like their stupid selves and then it progressed to a process of shutting down public interest in my social media or just blocking it and I cannot build a community that I engaged in when they read my Books unless it was one that will have the means to be a threat to me, so I got off administrating the way they picked up my Bookshop service process to build publicity that resulted in such nonsense and I ended up achieving something important enough to build controversy that provided them with sales, so it has become of prime importance that their famous stupidities knew I was on a schedule, while they claimed I deserved these activities because they were entitled to my Hermitage and I lived disgracefully, now knows who appointed their stupidities to this nonsense and why they like to believe their foolish word ought to serve as Law. It has always been simple; I write Books and engaged with Communities that read it, show business falling on hard times kept a distance from my earnings and I studies on the internet or the local education system; really does not sound like rocket science to me.

I do get told they are nice people and its utter nonsense; they are a handful idiots whose interest in you and your concerns must be administrated especially when it involves business or financial matters, to such an extent that all of their activities can be ignored as a useless waste of time. The difficult part was to handle this matter of their civil rights activities helping Celebrities secure overseas bank accounts while avoiding taxes and trashing peoples lives over social movements. I have done the first stage where it hates me because it no longer has the means to be popular, since last it explained the damage its perverted interest in me did to my academic work as something which showed what will happen if I got interested in what they were doing with my social life and public image to get paid for being popular, so I did to such an extent that they now have to plan for their children to get paid for being popular as the prospect does not exist for them save when an industry fool spends time paying them for making my life difficult. It Operates alongside the gimmicks of the Celebrities as well and I believe I have said my piece when I mentioned that I am on a schedule. The Politicians have always asked if relations with them ends this way because people just hated them and it doesn’t – I mean my social media is an example, whereby the same way it has built me a global stage reputation for being the place that money can be made in Britain while if I did business I would serve people for a Trust system and try to catch them over Book sales later on, being the way that you make consumers better off in return for payment that adds up to the idea that people are self-employed in the world; so the social media bits claims that it will take advantage of me to become a dot com millionaire and the banging on wife beating stupidities played a part just as much, the problem being how I feel and respond when I can only resolve such matters by seeking out a solution which I placed on social media, got a response and then worked out the issue based on the response that I got, as per the response that was applicable, during which time 6 months at least will have elapsed while I had a Bookshop to run. It shows up here everyday while its society idiots continued the vile abusiveness associated with sharing what I have, talking nonsense the entire time about the threat mercury retrograde posed to me.

They do claim I have lost my mind and we know the mind loss gimmick is the source of these abuses, largely a case of fitting me into environments they develop to consign women to mad houses as such – what is really happening on the other hand being that they now have to chose between being a bully and respect for a writer, as this business of their need to suddenly come into possession of another persons property is becoming a much bigger problem than they were able to handle and we are not talking about processes where they handled Head of State and Heir to the Throne over the matter either, these are just the two instances that show how far they were willing to go, thereafter which I am low life the Monarchy had set out to provoke them.




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It is therefore suggested naturally that what I am doing is getting me into deeper and deeper trouble. The annoying factor being that it is all made up, the story and processes and the deeper trouble itself, displayed on media full of plans for my career which might benefit others. It then all feeds into the statement we hear Politicians make about the problems I create, the promises made and the lack of delivery, while the truth is that for every one of my actions at the Office there will be an insult that subsumes everything which tended to suggest that I deserved to be protected, as Politicians tend to view doing so as a viable means to settle sense of security that makes them feel important for being incredibly rude and abusive. The fall out naturally is that the gits responsible for the issues I am dealing with at the Office make use of such opportunity, the Politicians complain all day until it is night fall, we all go to bed and wake to the same routine in 24 hours as society fools and fame idiots become increasingly more confident that their sexual context insolence which consequences gets them complaining about the juxtaposition between the need to handle me and my involvement with Church matters, as stupidly as possible, have never been more profitable at market.

We all know that according to history there is little they can do if I picked up their careers and ran them down to a point where I had a statement to make about what should become of their careers according to an idea that involved a process where I thought their only line of defence was to kill and be killed. They have explained their behaviour as an indication they and others like them want to live in a republic, which has nothing to do with me, the same way we know they have never once produced an idea that can run the Country properly and none really knows whom the inferior people that will be worse off in a Country that they controlled would likely be anyway, but their perverted interest in me has shown its never going to degenerate into a war without end. They claim the fact they had a good breakfast in the morning, they are not at war and are financially better off than I am, is not really a determining factor where self governance was concerned and we can see the question is looming larger and larger, what on earth seems to be the problem with the socialists, liberals and democrats in this Country and the world at large. It begins when it is clear we would all end up in prison if the teachers did not intervene at school but when we get out there and build a work place and an Office environment, these idiots will not let us have it – the Americans lead from the front, so if it is not the nepotism I underestimate, whereby I live in the UK but what I did produced outcomes in which a Man in the US was confident his son can do better, then we are looking instead at one in which the tyrants that travel to the US to make the immigration system there look like a structure for assimilation for migrants giving them impetus to tell me I am resisting their stupidities handling my Books to trash my Royal Hermitage and secure sensations of being an established civilisation because I cannot see that the goons who make a mess of the security services to allow Celebrities opportunities to skewer peoples careers for fame, are fighting my battles, five minutes later of which there is another publicity upstaging me to say that the same characters got them sore all over and I had to lose something very important because the USA rules the world, after which we cannot be free of the blabbing that there is nothing I can do, the same way the tyrants overseas claim the British engage in double standards when we know that since last they figured out their revolution, they have not yet settled up which one is the people that already have power and should not be given more or which are the small people that had found a way to get away from big bad people, whose security should be prioritised and its all the fault of the British. It does go without saying that as far as their perverted interest in my Hermitage and my Royal finances are concerned, when I do start tackling their bits as well, I will likely stop doing so at some stage to say the least. They have always boasted that I had no way to control the matter but there is nothing to control, just Politicians giving tax payer funds to mid sized gangs who have a tendency to think it is worth it for war to break out if it turns out they would enjoy the finer things in life before it kicked off – these are gits I kept off my career and finances and realised I had worked on it well enough to teach others to do the same at the age of 17, at 40, they spend government funds to trash my finances, claiming I had lost control of the situation when we know that if these idiots had become financially better off than I am, they were only supplying me ideas: I do need them to keep spending tax payer funds on mid sized gangs because the way people are affected is amusing if I was keen to do it, especially when we had reached such an advanced stage that whatever is done about it is is adequate but the problem is that they have money and are very important.

They do claim the lack of co-operation on my part makes my position untenable which is utter rubbish – what really happens is that there is no link between the way that families look after finances and the nature of decisions that the persons who is head of the family or makes the financial decisions, feeds into money being spent on mid-sized gangs, only for me to be told that upon being financially better off than I am, I need to get into a fight and make use of ideas they displayed through the abusive insults that have made them well off. Its simply an indication that MPs are incredibly lazy and that I should never win a fight around here lest they claimed that I am responsible for depriving them the energy by which they were meant to get a real job. Its developing into something of clash linked to these gimmicks being put up after they trashed my finances while I am not remotely linked to the way that businesses lobby them and its an example of instance that will ensure this nonsense comes to a conclusion my way instead of theirs. The question of claims I am doing any way is largely a matter of my activities being said to interfere with Crown duties that immediately becomes an old story about how remote I am from doing so when people get involved with my network and hang around somewhere making statements about services I can help with but the people at the Crown were the ones with ideas on how others should exist, being explained by the way that Currency is being developed in such a way that we had the Queens person on one side while reference to the services had significantly gone up i.e. if they want The Queens attention, they will need to do some service – of which I have no idea then if they were willing to sabotage my Trust system in that way, what they are doing with my network exactly. It usually is a choice to make between society goons abusing me all the time and the civil gits who think my livelihood was a toy while their parents made abusive statements at me which was linked to their money and age and therefore made them all very important and serving the Queen, of which I had made my choice a long time ago.


Risk patterns have not changed much. Still the same quasi crimes involving processes of finding that my career is being explained away by others in terms of the difficulties they experienced in their lives, largely due to their inability to listen to others and their entitlement to my career meaning that I lost opportunities, contracts, earnings and Clients to them, which further ensured that deviance was more profitable than ever, especially now they had made good their sense of superiority.

They do claim that I waste other people's time, I get them stuck somewhere and I am now getting into all kinds of trouble because they have hit a brick wall with respect to processes of getting paid for being popular but I believe it feels exactly like having my academic work trashed to make me a University drop out so people can explain away my private equity intellectual property administration vision as something of a personality picked up by somebody who is neither deserving nor qualified and therefore need pass to those who are or used to boost customer incentives and build market, then spend a lot of time running it off abusively, calling me names to suck up to those who had money on media, especially the radio waves all day long. I have continued to assume that building them Publicity which suggests they had answers to everybody’s financial and market problems so they can be targeted as well was a good way to resolve it but I will not be able to recover the incentives they have damaged here, my Hermitage will always be worth less and they will build this nonsense and run it off all day, hence I need something that will get them whimpering on my account, to ensure I was able to make statements that allowed Clients necessary confidence. The way it now works is that if they want to get paid for being popular, they will have to start from scratch while I watched to ensure they never got a break and if I want to get my career smooth sailing, I will need to return to University while they send their silly children down to get imagination around my private parts and make sense of the consequences of personal decisions on my Public image, so they do understand what the position they have put me looks like thereof. They do boast about getting popular at my expense and its one of those matters that make me wonder if they have yet substituted the process of telling security services to do their jobs properly for a process of running off silly civil rights to make statements about how I don’t take part to make sacrifices for the greater good when I know that I would be worse off when there was no civil rights than they were, followed quickly by an entitlement to release money from my Hermitage Trust system for their needs alongside me or wreck it if their stupidities cannot do so. Its an old story about their recent involvement with security services to do some National security and throw it around for Celebrities to pick up my profession for fame boosting with which is giving me all these issues from the security people about how they were getting involved with other peoples handlers, and Intelligence networks and their Politicians have never had greater ideas, making a total mess of the way that Public Policy on matters like terrorism is managed in terms of the way young people live in violent neighbourhood and how that played into the education system and other education systems from overseas. It needs to stop threatening me as enough of its stupidities have been seen satisfactorily on a global stage at this point whereby I can say for my part that I am sore all over for it all together while we know there were homeless veterans in the City centre as they spend their time making stupid statements that a military operative provoked them with in their privileged insulting lives. They do say I could do it if I knew so much but I am the classic coward who does not and as well takes responsibility to ensure his actions did not push up quantity of combat situations for service personnel. I mean the Labour party had all the time in the world to stop them deploying businesses propped up by the Government to trash the finances and career of those who were operating in the private sector but did nothing – they expected the victims to make sense of the way socialism played in the democratic world which I have clearly and yet I have not harmed them in anyway but we are still dealing with these issues because they had a big ego; so the outcome is these neighbourhoods full of important twats claiming people are doing their thing while hoodlums got imagination around my private parts and Celebrities deployed my profession to boost payment for popularity and it really is going to stop to make me more comfortable than they will be, especially considering I will likely get into trouble for something I said because they hang around expressing fear that somebody might move into their right hand and get imagination around their private parts as well, to kill their dreams. It’s the old story where I am a conservatives and they claim we were responsible for all the wars in the world but when we get involved with the bad situations they say that we change their sense of country ownership which earned us a position that entitled them to make us pay for the consequences of their personal decision and so when an Office is organised for work and livelihood its purpose as far as they were concerned was to compare, contrast and make sense of their position as relative to that of bad people and the distant insulting violence gets everywhere thereafter, a sense whenever they want something they could take it from those who had it by being abusive especially if their stupid lives depended on it and then they tell me I may have had my case worked out but if I had children, my children would be at risk of bullying. So we know in a general sense that their lives as usually linked up to the people who spent time doing deplorable deeds while I knew nothing of it and the information never comes through in a nice way. There is no exit for it, save I trashed their Celebrity culture to ensure the way their abusive involvement with me became profitable was not difficult to manage.

They do claim that I hated Celebrity culture while it paid a lot of money in taxes to my government while I am arguably the only person the world to have dropped out of University due to the fact my life made contributions to culture, media and sport and we have not started talking about questions on consent yet as it were. Its all a matter of managing a business where people hang about asking for adulation from random members of the public and then attacking me to make sense of the risks of doing so because they were superior, entitling themselves to my income thereafter, blow kisses at criminals on my Public image and each time I clear out a world of mess they make of my life, I end up with a type of media which entitled them to the results because they were very important, as disobediently as possible – the entire time of which people who go into this kind of business spend a lot of time campaigning against bullying from when they were very young people, which ensured that they were covered during the process. so I have now issued enough warnings for a life time and progressed towards taking action; I need every process associated with claims what I am doing with my publisher is where their fame and new lifestyle is located to be shut down, while the business of cutting them off inflicting the same abdominal discomfort they cause me producing threats is really that which is not linked to reality in anyway whatsoever – we do hear them say there are places I wouldn’t say what I say when the stakes are obviously this high since they never listen to what others are saying .

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