So, I am told that Popularity people are okay, I just loved to invent a way of making trouble. It is utter nonsense naturally as the main cause of all problems is that my personality and career stood in a way of their superiority to me and they needed to get rid of it, while I could really do without either their stupidities where it destroys my career or where it covers its tracks to ensure I did not treat its career the same way but so far, I have been shredding the stupid fashion, media and celebrity culture as these are the main tools for this nonsense. They always claim as insultingly as possible, that their stupidities had a reason to feel superior and yes, they probably did, either way which my writing career is meant to be an affront to their superiority because their stupidities were not entitled to access it. if the Publicity that is built up to ensure people wanted to play with an Arch Prince instead of read his books and facilitate his financial wellbeing, while any progress with his career is being quashed as his public image is replaced by such nonsense, were to be eliminated, I believe all the problems they complain of would go away, alternatively the escalation is the assumption we do not know when people spend a quarter of a million pound yearly salary to educate their Children in expensive academic institutions, it is meant to orientate the Children with work that earns a million pounds a year, while those of us who attend public school had to carry out sociological sensibilities associated with our studies and make our own way with it, like in my case where pop stars showed up to make music about passionate criminals who became passionate when they clashed with the Police, eventually growing into wealth equity in 10 years’ time – failure to keep from making a mess of mine will lead to those stupid expensive education and their narcissism, clashing with a process where I will never look back when they kick it off for my part as well and I am sure I will skewer them and make a case of it cheaply on social media as well. The main pressure point is that the fucking idiots have run off this nonsense at my expense to such an extent that it was possible for people to replicate my Royal commission – I worked hard to prevent an entitlement to my career and they worked hard to ensure there was one, as stupidly as possible, now issuing threats, while the main determinant of my financial wellbeing was their insulting gestures, talking into me and getting imagination up my bum, suggesting that involvement with my career was dangerous, so much of their stupidities of which a person can only tolerate.

It is then said that until I had said something they appeared to have won which is an old story about the idea that their need to shower me with insults that suggest I ought to move over to a low place on their left hand side, to facilitate their sense of equity, must be a product of me moving into their backyards to nudge them out of their homes, to say the least - likewise the insults of their famous idiots suggesting I am meant to clear out all the despondence that complicate their convenience likely a product of me trying to get paid for being popular on the social life and public image which had emerged from their careers and not the other way around.

With respect to Celebrity antagonising me, the threats mainly come from their marketeers, popularity gits and paparazzi – I had no idea what exactly the idiots thought they could do about me when all they had was a camera and media equipment anyway, but the threats never stop coming because of what the benefits might be. The story of the Prince of Wales being obsessed with Celebrities but not knowing what his interest in Celebrities were, so he shows up to ensure that they were able to gain access to the work that the Armed Forces were doing because they didn’t want to fight their corner to get paid for being popular and with that they will crack American market and it was all fun for them for something that is serious of State Government proportions and then they set about at his behest once the business of the fact his wife died over it which gave him a sense that he was entitled to any extent that he wanted, had set in, the fame idiots showed up to wreck my finances, issue threats at me and show me there is nothing I can do about it because I am hungry and they are not on account they were famous, by getting imagination up my anus violently and building a communities that did it all day.

The bone of contention here is that I cannot see myself doing what they have done, the process that had gone beyond loving criminals on my public image to sell magazines, into something of getting in league with ageist idiots in the neighbourhood who might rent a space to me and collect my career for them, running off the communities they get imagination up my bum all day and into my bed room where it can be done all night, to ensure I was broken, then the effects were passed off to facilitate the stupid Office space, Office bloc, Office window insults of their Children who believed handling my public image was the way to get jobs and attend school, with which they also got to decide what happened to my finances if I were seen attending Church. If these fame gits were unable to prevent me getting into a position where I can handle the proceeds of their fame career, such that their need to handle what I did with Public work in this ways would been reciprocated along the lines of what they did to fight their corner whenever they were getting paid for being popular, they needed to stop issuing threats at me when all they had to fight back with were cameras. I personally could never understand why it makes sense to any person to walk into a neighbourhood and ensure when another rents a space, the person who rented the space was given incentives to spy on them and get imagination up the bum, so that if somebody were to respond to what I did with his career being passed off as another person’s property, whole communities will get imagination up the persons bottom, even when there had been a 6 year period of complain about it and the 12 year period that had helped the fame idiots to achieve it tended to have suggested that the victim had been asleep literally the entire time, during which by the way the fame idiots who have already shown that money was not their problem had not paid the bills once – nobody has to attack anybody when all they had to do it with was a crowd and cameras, all they need do is get rid of this nonsense and there is no point issuing threats at me when they cannot prevent me doing the same with their famous lives too, it is how 5 years of my time so far have been spent and they have been informed the entire time as well.

I do get asked the two questions of how I ended up in this position and how easy it would be for me to resolve the matter – same tale about money where somebody’s money was more important than my Royal Office, more important than service to the Church, more important than God, none of which I can account for, I can only say they had media to fool around with, looking for trouble. As for the way it would be easy for me, it has nothing to do with me; I simply needed to establish my footing and ensure my relationship with Clients who were enjoying services at a Royal Hermitage involved buying Books from it, work on any matters that may have arisen at diplomatic arena and the new one that had developed in the last 5 years to 2021, figure out the Celebrity problem which I am currently doing by making sure each activity is followed by a popularity equivalent kicking off at the Prince of Wales’ backyard, to ensure I ca get on with my own tasks for my part – the effect as we can see explained clearly why the famous idiots would enjoy trashing my finances to get imagination up my bum and issue threats of which I do not recall of any time that I had used the loo accompanied by somebody else, therefore how they could have told where I kept my anus but it is meant to be an expression of their wickedness and its stupidities looking for a response.

The suggestion put forward now is that the Prince of Wales takes the actions he takes because of what I have been seen doing with the women and it is not at all. What I have done with the women is more a matter of the fact it is likely not easy for a 5 foot petite woman to have a career as a Media reporter, in a world where popularity hoodlums had so little restrictions to the way they thought which careers were due to people who had previously been involved in gang fights – what she has done therefore serving as a real test of how much social, political and civil freedom was available to the Public, that said, considering my position and person, there is also the issue of whom I would want to settle down with playing into the matter. What the Prince of Wales had done, is pick up quasi criminals and hoodlums who had a history with me having been responsible for following me around to make a mess of my University studies and set out claiming the effects was linked to what I had done.



Its all very well that we cannot be free from the complaining but we also know the whole sordid business had taken up a familiar pattern of idiots fighting for my civil rights to support prognosis of racist and violently discriminative activity since the none violent bits were not enough, considering they decided to build sub cultures which set their word out as law on others over what people were allowed to say and do – never mind that we always find out what the real law is when it gets serious enough to show up in the Law Court. The same familiar pattern of supporting prognosis of racism and violent discrimination in order to make money, then task the government with the duty of controlling the activities of those that are violent and invent media campaigns to tackle any Government that actually did or tried, fighting for the civil rights of the weak, when its not complaining that its stupidities were unable to get some rest as well and especially when Muslim, show up with criminal insults to take up all my time on what I may not say about its religion the way it cannot keep its dirty mouth off my case. Eventually it once again begins to feed into that case where it is said I am suffering from depression while the real problem is the 15 year clingy stupidities of superior people who attacked me for thinking about them in a charitable way because they were parasites who preferred to make decisions on whether I am allowed to be on my own, in order to obtain a new lease of life and find out they cannot stop blowing off their big mouth at me, talking nonsense about importance of bravery and violence – the African twats are getting worse because they are not currently living in Countries where their Celebrities are seen getting all over my public image because they lived in an environment where children are not allowed to thrive, while the insults that facilitate this nonsense and lays the foundation for those processes where their idiocy cannot be seen making public appearances without claiming they were superior to me and later show up here to do me favours by an evil culture and get imagination around my private parts to bend me to their will as well, never mind satisfying an evil desire would be inescapable, if they had not obtained a response for it yet, running from war zones all their stupid lives, talking rubbish with the support of media, political fools and celebrity idiots at me all of the time. It is an example whereby I wrote this after I asked if they would like to keep their mouth shut on the wife beating history insults built here like the reasons I trashed their interests in the Middle East and South America or they want me to clear it out.

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The challenge has always been a matter of people making deals with those who worked civil and criminals disobedience, right up to the stage where they got to make those deals on my personal finances as well and from then on, when I move on one group, another takes over, their strategy fundamentally meant that I will have a very short lifespan to say the least each time, muttering all sorts of nonsense about mine being good enough for me to pick up at a later date which justifies their stupid activities. The eventual story we hear their tell is that they expected Royal authority to ensure people felt safe in the Country and I understand but it has not yet been explained how the equities I built up to ensure young people made sense of the way organised crime affected them at school, will be restored, since the last time they trashed it over the financial and popularity needs. So the fact they are caught between a rock and a hard case and need to ensure I felt that everyday on this Trust finances, was the least that I could do, I am certain they understand what I mean if I said I have had enough of them and they needed to get a Book to read from this Shop or get lost.

I am now told that I had a lot of history to hide and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that I am no longer tackling abusive ageists with a need to see me grovel for money and I am no longer tackling the abuses of culture and society gits; such that we see some of the purposes of their pleasurable societal torture to be a process of running people down until embarrassing childhood memories they never remembered came back to them and since their minds can be read, the bloody idiots, then people will find out what they were embarrassed about. It happens because the idiots always have ideas about which people are meant to serve them and how those who failed to co-operate will be made to suffer, the effect is that they and their Politicians were practically in love with gimmicks that involved thwarting people’s careers to allow talentless goons an opportunity to show up around people’s lives, make a mess and count pennies until they came onto millions of currencies at popularity culture. For my part, not tackling them anymore has tended to show that perhaps Celebrities had a history that they needed to hide and the need to handle me had to stop i.e. a handful of people who have spent the last 18 years of my time on a process where I have been complaining about their abuses throughout, such that the effects of those abuses now are the destruction of my finances and a process where nothing happens as nature intended, want to break free from the consequences of their own personal decisions and have selected my social life and public image for it, the decisions of which their stupidities must reach in the first place – hence what they are doing to ensure they had continued access, is now becoming more damaging than what they had already done.

I have ended up with this mentality where I put off the attack on the famous people for a later date like so and dither over it even when I am at deaths door over their usage of my person, work and dignity for their stupidities.


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