Partly they claim I suggest they were cowards and they are – always either needs to have said and done everything that needed to be said and done religiously and socially before it became an important issue that those it cared about were safe, before that stage its sense of what is right or wrong were badly flawed and it would regularly mock and abuse people who organise communities to deal with public narcissism and get on with life, so it is never clear where it hopes to get all the things that needed to be said and done religiously and socially from. Alternatively it needed to be rich and spend enough money to satisfy its heart before the security, safety, wellbeing and a tidy place for civil activities were considered, otherwise it will spend a lot of time ripping up other peoples career and finances over narcissistic practical jokes that will prove its stupidities was not a coward which with respect to me, especially the one that comes from their Celebrities I am set to end very badly. Always a need to make some sacrifice on something important, beautiful and valuable, the more security it provides was the more trouble the beneficiaries of such security got into. Its like it is assumed I say what I say to produce a meaningful impact on the subject matter but I don’t – these are a group of people whose involvement with you gets you failing your exams at school and producing the worst work for your career, the problem being that another group of idiots at Industry got off heaping salt on injury claiming they were nice people working to spend money on show business while I tried to rub shoulders with Celebrities and the destruction of my career to get rich fast was justified, at the first sign of trouble, they attacked whatever I had salvaged from my work after their gimmicks, to ensure that I had no other choice but to respond and their American led stupidities were entitled to all I did i.e. when I point out earlier the need to end the narcissism from the Celebrities really badly.

I mean I have never actually discussed it with anybody, a process where terrorists and criminals fancied my work but I had to get them into a position where they thought about handling it while performing a series of activities without legitimacy which took the lives of others, and they did not want to have to think about it while trying to avoid bullets, so I am able to adapt with the enemy – now the source of all my problems is that I am cold as fish and a coward who is inflicted with heart disease because petty thieves paid increasing attention to my concerns and made statements on the streets – I believe the next time I had to deal with tales of cowardice stupidities, I will bring the bad experience of the past 20 years to bear and find out how far their star sign big mouth really goes.

They do claim I had no control of anything which is not necessarily the case if the need to tackle me was developed around the business of their need to fight women at the Monarchy or generally in the public who had interests and investments at Industry, due to the fact those women were always likely to make decisions in the interest of the Public and or the Monarchy as may be applicable to the person – then the problem begins when they tackle the women and take pictures of their women securing a future on my public image, to display on signposts at the Public transportation network, so I could view them on my way to venues where they converted their responsibility for workers in their care, into the most abusive nonsense which had a result where I prize opened the sewers because I took pictures of it which I displayed on my social media. It is much the same as the idea I am of the opinion that after years of open mess where I complained about each other my duties and responsibilities, there was a good probability I would avoid the consequences – I rather never complain about my duties as such, what happens is this business of being stuck with Celebrities and a need to strip me of decisions I made concerning my career and whether a bunch of gits hung about somewhere putting out ideas about the criminal things I could do based on my talents, then they build communities that got imagination up my bum and what I did about that was never going to solve a problem because they did not want these problems brought about by their personal decisions to be solved, just to eb able to say they had money and that money allowed them to tolerate the experience better than I did, while I was left to suffer to such an extent that I complained about it and explained their problems to the world. They then take it to the part where they constantly got into a habit of addressing me as if I am some servant that they had paid for, issuing threats at me about being handled like a child because their bottom hurt as well. Here they claim they still had the upper hand and I was worse off, reality being that they are always picking up statements, comments and gestures which I then had to set out one after the other showing how it damaged my Bookshop specifically if I wanted to make them stop it, especially the part where the money in their banks decided how the public got involved, the time frame between when I had moved them off those statements, insults, comments and gestures and the time that they had started a new one can be counted in seconds, back to back narcissism trashing my finances everyday and a sense they found their gimmicks amusing. This all happens on account that they needed to show that they were superior and so to show they do not have the upper hand, I should explain that the reasons they loved the sense their insults will stick on me, is actually their own history, whilst I could only solve their problem by making sure each time I dressed up, the context was one in which I was superior to Celebrities and the business of doing something violent because of a goon that never stopped turning up to express his station in life at my expense, getting imagination up my bum, will never happen. The Politicians ask if the business of wading those issues was not a worthy cause but we need to think of it in terms of when people stay up all night due to work that they had to get in at the Office with a sense of urgency and a bunch of people who stayed up all night to drink and get drunk for example – it is not a worthy cause at all and there is no reason for me to allow my intellectual property administration business to be used by a bunch of famous twats who then set about punishing me for the good things in my own life because they did not get to use it as intended. They do boast that this was all rejection and that they were out of my league, being out of my league which would be disputed by the previous fact while the rejection part had to be effected through a process of handling my own property to make it happen, so they have always done rejection but handling my work drove the blade in way too far, we are now seeing the results as well as we can see that they were convinced shooting off their mouth at me on Media will solve the problem. The need to shower me with insults after inviting themselves into my concerns and set out ways in which what I would not share will the bad parts of the general public can be shared with even criminals to help them get rich fast, as they continued a habit of inviting people into a business of causing me harm and distress as a method of solving their problems, so last thing to do on the matter is to find something they really hated and get my hands on it over the premise that I wanted to be a narcissist as well, once done, never ever stop.

It is a simple matter of saying that they hung about on Media performing their gimmicks and I had to concentrate on the public problems, even the parts they inflicted on me.






The challenge has always been a matter of people making deals with those who worked civil and criminals disobedience, right up to the stage where they got to make those deals on my personal finances as well and from then on, when I move on one group, another takes over, their strategy fundamentally meant that I will have a very short lifespan to say the least each time, muttering all sorts of nonsense about mine being good enough for me to pick up at a later date which justifies their stupid activities. The eventual story we hear their tell is that they expected Royal authority to ensure people felt safe in the Country and I understand but it has not yet been explained how the equities I built up to ensure young people made sense of the way organised crime affected them at school, will be restored, since the last time they trashed it over the financial and popularity needs. So the fact they are caught between a rock and a hard case and need to ensure I felt that everyday on this Trust finances, was the least that I could do, I am certain they understand what I mean if I said I have had enough of them and they needed to get a Book to read from this Shop or get lost.

I am now told that I had a lot of history to hide and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that I am no longer tackling abusive ageists with a need to see me grovel for money and I am no longer tackling the abuses of culture and society gits; such that we see some of the purposes of their pleasurable societal torture to be a process of running people down until embarrassing childhood memories they never remembered came back to them and since their minds can be read, the bloody idiots, then people will find out what they were embarrassed about. It happens because the idiots always have ideas about which people are meant to serve them and how those who failed to co-operate will be made to suffer, the effect is that they and their Politicians were practically in love with gimmicks that involved thwarting people’s careers to allow talentless goons an opportunity to show up around people’s lives, make a mess and count pennies until they came onto millions of currencies at popularity culture. For my part, not tackling them anymore has tended to show that perhaps Celebrities had a history that they needed to hide and the need to handle me had to stop i.e. a handful of people who have spent the last 18 years of my time on a process where I have been complaining about their abuses throughout, such that the effects of those abuses now are the destruction of my finances and a process where nothing happens as nature intended, want to break free from the consequences of their own personal decisions and have selected my social life and public image for it, the decisions of which their stupidities must reach in the first place – hence what they are doing to ensure they had continued access, is now becoming more damaging than what they had already done.

I have ended up with this mentality where I put off the attack on the famous people for a later date like so and dither over it even when I am at deaths door over their usage of my person, work and dignity for their stupidities.


Its all very well that we cannot be free from the complaining but we also know the whole sordid business had taken up a familiar pattern of idiots fighting for my civil rights to support prognosis of racist and violently discriminative activity since the none violent bits were not enough, considering they decided to build sub cultures which set their word out as law on others over what people were allowed to say and do – never mind that we always find out what the real law is when it gets serious enough to show up in the Law Court. The same familiar pattern of supporting prognosis of racism and violent discrimination in order to make money, then task the government with the duty of controlling the activities of those that are violent and invent media campaigns to tackle any Government that actually did or tried, fighting for the civil rights of the weak, when its not complaining that its stupidities were unable to get some rest as well and especially when Muslim, show up with criminal insults to take up all my time on what I may not say about its religion the way it cannot keep its dirty mouth off my case. Eventually it once again begins to feed into that case where it is said I am suffering from depression while the real problem is the 15 year clingy stupidities of superior people who attacked me for thinking about them in a charitable way because they were parasites who preferred to make decisions on whether I am allowed to be on my own, in order to obtain a new lease of life and find out they cannot stop blowing off their big mouth at me, talking nonsense about importance of bravery and violence – the African twats are getting worse because they are not currently living in Countries where their Celebrities are seen getting all over my public image because they lived in an environment where children are not allowed to thrive, while the insults that facilitate this nonsense and lays the foundation for those processes where their idiocy cannot be seen making public appearances without claiming they were superior to me and later show up here to do me favours by an evil culture and get imagination around my private parts to bend me to their will as well, never mind satisfying an evil desire would be inescapable, if they had not obtained a response for it yet, running from war zones all their stupid lives, talking rubbish with the support of media, political fools and celebrity idiots at me all of the time. It is an example whereby I wrote this after I asked if they would like to keep their mouth shut on the wife beating history insults built here like the reasons I trashed their interests in the Middle East and South America or they want me to clear it out.

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