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It is never true I have been beaten down and wrecked, this stupid gimmick of a Media presence that can facilitate a civil disobedience that picked up my service processes to get the Public engaging with me to play with me where they should be to read Books I had written, was developed in 2013, year date of writing this being 2021, as soon as the you-me-employers, bottom chasing issues and a problem with society, realised that it was impossible to seek their own social status of dominating and bullying people because they had jobs, by wrecking my finances, as there was no prospect of achieving it, now it is simply unreasonable that their disobedience is causing me a lot of distress and it will never be stopped according to them. This then implies that I must prepare myself to enjoy a lot of work place narcissistic fun that involved picking every single little thing about their stupidities, along with that of their American friends which I found irritating and set about a campaign for my career on it, the fun ought to be such that it was clear if I missed a single item, such an item will be used to an effect as does enough damage to my finances, just the same as the others I had picked up.

In this gimmick of relying on others just to pursue their daily concerns abusively because of their personal decisions, how they spend their time and other stupidities played up at peoples expense when they consider amusing. It does appear that they were criminally disobedient and queer, so far of which nothing has been done about their financial well being, so their twisted corrupt insidious boldness knew no bounds and it suits them too.

It is suggested I appear to be worse off in all circumstances but I am not, just the endless updates of a plan American Celebrities, Corrupt Royalty all over the world, Politicians and the stupidest students we have ever seen are providing leadership for, which involved a process where they stifled my finances because my Books covered their arse, and I may get paid when it does the job properly. So if we were to imagine, apart from the process where it is forgotten that there was a time that the Books existed without being thought of as something that covered their arse and should do the job properly, which is where I want everybody to be, the reality is still that of blind people taking out my eyes because I was seen showing the way, such that we now have a blind leading the blind situation and the wickedness of it is that being a bad person is always the most profitable thing to do and can only be settled when their need to be seen handling my Books, my Office, making gestures towards either of the two and making comments around my career ended in violence – the violence will then have beaten them down so badly that when they joined the bad people it would not have made sense and the problem will have been solved. That said, I do not think it is difficult for the idiots to keep from my Books and make comments about their careers if they did not want me burning the stupid money that gets to their heads as well – always the first to resort to the sexual insults but are always such cunts either way; not really their fault but it will be fun for them. The outcome so far is that the business of stifling the finances of somebody who is in the business of covering their arse because he is meant to do it properly, has unleashed the filthy parts of the way they ran their careers and made their personal decisions on me, leaving me with such financial complications I began to make sense of those abuses and people building communities that get imagination up my bum, which I had in turn ensure showed up and got resolved where their career was, to make me enemies of black people who were on their side as another group of idiots with ideas about being the bad people was profitable at my expense and this is what the abusive theme of American racial relations, stressing those stupid lines about the importance of creating financially worse off moral people, whether it be the ones that are not vulnerable to social issues, have been for a decade since 2010.

It is then suggested than my involvement with the Royal family was the biggest problem around and it is utter nonsense too – these characters are meant to be separate from Government, as far as the way things work goes. The problem is that the Prince of Wales loved to get them involved with Government and spend time complaining about it too, no need to ask. So when a person decided I was an insignificant character at the Monarchy whose finances they wrecked, the problems created passed off as something that had helped them change his social status which can now pass on to another person, thus the endless insults and abuses, through which they will get involved with Royal Family Members, there is nothing I can do about it, simply ensure they did not damage career, finances, personal life, family life and social life, such that one of the occasions they had organised their career for this purpose which had such an effect needed to end very badly if it had to stop the way I would want it to. I therefore love to pick up the other disposition where they are a population that specifically spends most of its time building up public instability to facilitate their financial well being and when tackling me to get involved with the Royal family produced an outcome where they tackled me again to complain about the Royal family, then real trouble begins; that said, all other members of the Royal family can be relied upon when Public and Governmental security runs along these lines except the Prince of Wales and this is therefore the only problem there is – the reasons it appears its an issue and then I clear it out so easily i.e. they are not a part of Governmental business.

They do claim I never address the reasons I am the one targeted on these matters but its an old story about the guy in a bedsit criticising Celebrities and Royals, after we have seen the actions of the Duke of Sussex result in him abdicating his position and we have not had any evidence yet that the Prince of Wales put him up to those actions, even though we had social indications to affirm. This again adds up to an opportunity to rip up my career and get paid for being popular, set about making the wickedness of it part of government business on the media bubble from the media job of another git that lets them use it for whatever they please and turn out to build publicity for the disgraceful way they have caused me to live due to daily abuses, insult, and distraction on public Media. This they claim to be a problem while they are complaining about the consequences and will not get rid of it either way but the way I organised my finances is none of their business, more so either way it changes for the better or for the worse. The moral of the story being that when a person drops out of university because they were getting paid for being popular, their hell raiser, intrusive, sexual violation for money madness stupidities ought to realise it was an important matter. They claim the bottom chasing issues is a problem created by Russia and it is not, it is their Muslim friends that help them tear up peoples lives to get paid for being popular, working with them on that stupid criminal backyard British popular culture gimmick we had to put up with all the time. I mean a person can easily imagine the filth of thinking about somebody’s anus and then the disgusting stupidities of getting finger imagination into it as part of career activity – I am just the one tidying up and not necessarily far sighted enough to make sense of the Russia debacle (I mean the point at which a person had a disagreement with another and settled it in one way or other should have been an end to such an issue but it never is because Muslims, Asian trouble makers and African gits, are not integrated, are always offering something extra to see a fight they claim would make sense of a person that looked like the people in a disagreement, doing something bad to them.).

It is suggested that I complain while I gave them what they wanted, the same way it is said that I had a lot of control but its not clear where all is going wrong. For the former, I do not give them what they want, I need to ensure clients read my Books and any matters I had to work at diplomatic stage was worked – this then made sense of the fact they bantered around with ideas about how the Country should be run but when they got involved with government and found out the reasons it is run the way it is run, they set about trashing my career to keep up republican sentiments I set about burning as well, now they were done gambling on the government front and are off gambling my Royal Estate with a handful of idiots who never stopped scolding me and none knows being that criminals were picking it up and the crisis was everywhere, when they will reach a disposition in which it was clear whatever they were scolding me for is a job that is not getting done, to play me and the gits from the Monarchy who never stopped issuing threats with a big mouth. So, it never stops gambling despite what it had already lost and I think that when I get my hands on the stupidities that helped to stir up public instability when they chased their own finances, I will do something nefarious enough with it to ensure it stops as I want it to.

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