Legal Adjudication - 2004 to 2021

I have been told that I had a great problem and people would love to resolve the applicable issues, but I do not; the one problem we have here is that Celebrities and their Popularity idiots had no respect for the way other people lives. The way they lived involved trashing the careers and finances of those who have ended up with a career that had served a cause which made them comfortable, in this way they can push the victims into criminal activity from a distance which absolves them of culpability, so they might deploy the social lives of such persons to facilitate what they thought their fashion and public appearances should be. 

The problem is that they superimpose this nonsense on me until I dropped out of University which got support from their Politicians that clearly loved the way they had made the academic environment in the Country very toxic and are now following it on with a popularity publicity that suggests all I did since then was their creation and therefore belonged to them, so even after all I have said, we will still find them claim that the implication of what I have written here for instance, was that I had agreed to serve them as a salesman. Its an old story where top ten politicians met and we heard the security service sirens, top ten people from the Church met and we did not know that they did, when top ten celebrities do, our bank balances are affected otherwise we would have been divorced from reality. This is the problem, and they need make their comments that they cannot live without on their own famous social lives, or I will decide how it ends, since the same courtesy people pay them with respect to their show business products and their media gimmicks cannot be reciprocated where they had involved themselves to such an extent. 

The part where those who have ended up getting involved with them since the time I dropped out of University to this moment being barred socially from buying my Books such as their jobs are affected if they did, is just looking for extra trouble. It started out with a process of following and unfollowing my social media until what I did served their cause, then it progressed to making sure I spent money on what I was doing before the successes were allowed, after that everything went dead and I brought it back to life and they built me a reputation that suggested I am the type that picks myself up again, when they had not been hospitalised, from here on everybody that got involved with it got attacked - so it is the last straw and I am certain the idiots know what the phrase last straw means. It runs off these gimmicks all the time, tells the lies and performs the abusive activities to build a crowd that will support its gimmicks, so that it might get what it wants off other people when it wants to but none of these had a thing to do with solving the wealth and social inequality problem that its stupidities have been keeping people sleepless for. In my case they say my bottom hurts because their stupidities were fucking me for being selfish and I believe that since human beings were this stupid, it was a secret that we kept as making a declaration will be the beginning of the end for those stupid popularity practical jokes as well.


March 14, 2021

So, they do claim I had become a force for division, and it is only concerning when they are about to put it to their silly media bubble naturally. The reality of it is that it’s a handful of idiots who are bigger than I am and had decided they wanted to make money with my public image and or my work before I am allowed to move on with my own concerns – the Celebrity ones were going to do this at any cost, so they worked on me like a person works a career to grow from promotion to promotion until a good income is earned before retirement and they got together at Hollywood to trash everything I did with the Office, claiming that I forced them to act on the abuses of society and culture gits while they were the ones blowing kisses at criminals on my social life, once they had destroyed everything that meant I didn’t have to respond to their stupidities because I had it under control, they then set about blaming me for the public problems, continuing those insults that prevent me from getting help at the Monarchy and makes it complicated to work with the general public on business matters and then set about making entertainment with my work, property and social life all together, after unleashing a handful of civil rights bottom chasing scum who get imagination up my anus all day because of their criminal tendencies and the fact they liked my work, to make sense of their power – from here there was no way to protect my asset equity from Americans that wanted to get rich and every other scum that was their rival with a big mouth. The details are that claims we clash with the Public from the Monarchy is false, as the Queen’s leadership is such that clashing with the public had a tendency to drive people into involvement with the Monarchy in order to do National service, on a more administrative front, a person would have been completely detached from a life of public service if they were clashing with the public, so each time it happened they needed to stand down as the responsibility was theirs. Off this, we find that the main problem was a handful of popularity fools with a civil disobedience media presence to play with; they were bigger than I am and will force their popularity rules on me to wreck university studies and decide what my diet was, how I dressed and what I did with myself, the outcome is that I am sore all over and the smell is causing them to issue more threats of violence with a big mouth, so it is developing into an instance where the first one that annoyed them was the damage done to my career because they want to handle me for popularity money, next turn I think I am going to herd their stupidities like sheep for it all together as it were. I have given these idiots all the exit they need; to keep away from my Books and since they were more important or famous more so, it was ideal that they made their comments about their own public lives, otherwise this is becoming a question of where their abuses stops if it is going to stop at all like they complain that there was a reason for it all the time. I know that I can talk in a way their idiocy will make sense of, if I wanted them to listen to my so called plight but the price is a process of speaking as if I had gained an academic qualification in the art of bullying while the other twats that spend money on every fool that want to become famous with my social life are learning to spend it on the right ones if they do not wish to complain in future about spending money to facilitate the fame of a criminal. In essence this is the division they are talking about and I have got total control of my concerns, contrary to their gimmicks – here in lies the division and I have brought it to their attention over the last 4 years, the way my social life is stagnated, I am sore all over, I smell of what I ate and their Office space, office bloc office window insults have gotten completely out of hand at my expense blowing off the big mouth about whom their stupidities thought to be a social bum, it is therefore becoming a question of where it stops as it were, not a matter of public divisions.

They do say that I am meant to be the powerful one, but none knows how I ended up in this situation, but it goes beyond their, had done it again after I cleared out the mess stupidities that pointed to some so-called embarrassing things I did sometime in the past, enforcing their stupid popularity rules to decide how I existed, to complain that it was getting increasingly violent. It starts out with the insanity of American idiots who claim that their Country had the biggest military and the biggest economy, the idea behind trashing my career because they wanted to make a statement that showed their stupidities could have it either way with a big mouth, for instance and then days will run into months which run into years. After which we hear that I never stop when their foolish activities had moved on while it is more a case of moved on when stopping had taken a slice of public interest in my Bookshop – so it’s an ergonomic case of the people I will give things away to, people that will pay and people that will pay later, which created the environment I operated with and they decide I had built it up well enough for them to build their own financial profile with and insultingly get me to find a real job with a big mouth. So, it is about to build up to a process were travelling from the UK to Hollywood would be a matter that their media interests and celebrity gimmicks would get involved with if they were interested in facing dire consequences for doing so and the entire process of building it in the first place will be very painful. I mean have prevented the criminal and quasi criminal campaigns but of course Hollywood directors will pillage my earnings for it and having prevented that Media idiots staged their own as well; the amount of disruption here is incredible and we are not of the same social standing.

So, they claim that my work is akin to sex work, the same as they claim that I knew of these matters before I got involved with the Monarchy. For the first point, my work is not akin of sex work, I am a Hermit and we don’t like to see the ever growing size of sex industry gimmicks, where those who want to pick up my involvement with it on the work I am doing are free to, especially when we get to find out how I plan to use their own publicity to get it done as well – for the second however it’s an old story about the way things happen according to rules that govern them; they picked up claims about me getting into trouble with their culture and society over abuses on the need to handle me for popularity and riches and what they said only made sense of a situation where their society was abusive and another handful of popularity idiots were good at putting up mockery to target others as a means for selling products and the more people bought those products is the worse it got for the victims, hence I trashed the culture and society, they said people who did would die and didn’t come close. This time, I think that they really love their thoroughly modern stupidities when it is about my private parts over claims that I had become a talented tortured soul with a disobedient big mouth. The Americans were always the force behind it, they had to own bits of British concerns – the criminal backyard of Britain issues and the relevance of Politics story, if their stupidities owned it, they would be rich and then they turn up here to ensure my career paid a price after a price after a price, each consequence leading to outcome where their stupidities had done it again. They do claim I am lobotomised and it is utter nonsense since the problem is that their stupidities are always important at my expense, leading up to an idea that will help solve the problem of the way the Office space Office bloc Office window insults affected my finances and stupid popularity twats – the rest of the time they were rich and something had to be done about my insolence which does not apply if the fucking idiots were rich enough to buy Books when they showed up here but even so would have rather preferred to be rich and stupid at my expense and I have always wanted to say so. I am 100% certain for all their wealth, that if they continued like this for much longer, I would have nothing left of my finances.



February 8, 2021

They tell this story whereby I never listen when I am told that other people were out of my league and its utter nonsense as I don’t care where their league is located and do not care what their league was, just a problem associated with my Bookshop being said to be a business which really does not exist to make a complete mess of my finances and so it becomes a story of what in deed I need to do to harm them enough and do so enough times to ensure that their behaviour towards the Bookshop ...

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