Legal Adjudication - 2004 to 2021

I have been told that I had a great problem and people would love to resolve the applicable issues, but I do not; the one problem we have here is that Celebrities and their Popularity idiots had no respect for the way other people lives. The way they lived involved trashing the careers and finances of those who have ended up with a career that had served a cause which made them comfortable, in this way they can push the victims into criminal activity from a distance which absolves them of culpability, so they might deploy the social lives of such persons to facilitate what they thought their fashion and public appearances should be. 

The problem is that they superimpose this nonsense on me until I dropped out of University which got support from their Politicians that clearly loved the way they had made the academic environment in the Country very toxic and are now following it on with a popularity publicity that suggests all I did since then was their creation and therefore belonged to them, so even after all I have said, we will still find them claim that the implication of what I have written here for instance, was that I had agreed to serve them as a salesman. Its an old story where top ten politicians met and we heard the security service sirens, top ten people from the Church met and we did not know that they did, when top ten celebrities do, our bank balances are affected otherwise we would have been divorced from reality. This is the problem, and they need make their comments that they cannot live without on their own famous social lives, or I will decide how it ends, since the same courtesy people pay them with respect to their show business products and their media gimmicks cannot be reciprocated where they had involved themselves to such an extent. 

The part where those who have ended up getting involved with them since the time I dropped out of University to this moment being barred socially from buying my Books such as their jobs are affected if they did, is just looking for extra trouble. It started out with a process of following and unfollowing my social media until what I did served their cause, then it progressed to making sure I spent money on what I was doing before the successes were allowed, after that everything went dead and I brought it back to life and they built me a reputation that suggested I am the type that picks myself up again, when they had not been hospitalised, from here on everybody that got involved with it got attacked - so it is the last straw and I am certain the idiots know what the phrase last straw means. It runs off these gimmicks all the time, tells the lies and performs the abusive activities to build a crowd that will support its gimmicks, so that it might get what it wants off other people when it wants to but none of these had a thing to do with solving the wealth and social inequality problem that its stupidities have been keeping people sleepless for. In my case they say my bottom hurts because their stupidities were fucking me for being selfish and I believe that since human beings were this stupid, it was a secret that we kept as making a declaration will be the beginning of the end for those stupid popularity practical jokes as well.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, March 14, 2021,

So, they do claim I had become a force for division, and it is only concerning when they are about to put it to their silly media bubble naturally. The reality of it is that it’s a handful of idiots who are bigger than I am and had decided they wanted to make money with my public image and or my work before I am allowed to move on with my own concerns – the Celebrity ones were going to do this at any cost, so they worked on me like a person works a career to grow from promotion to promoti...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, February 8, 2021,

They tell this story whereby I never listen when I am told that other people were out of my league and its utter nonsense as I don’t care where their league is located and do not care what their league was, just a problem associated with my Bookshop being said to be a business which really does not exist to make a complete mess of my finances and so it becomes a story of what in deed I need to do to harm them enough and do so enough times to ensure that their behaviour towards the Bookshop ...

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