It is said every so often that what has happened to me is a terrible and sad story but there is nothing sad here save media goons and Politicians running off this case all day where it is said and I need to be rescued and then my behaviour made it worse for me which allows them to make new statements that help them run off their stupidities on Media, making a complete mess of my social life and public image, so if there was hope of keeping a Book reading audience at the Hermitage it evaporates because Politicians had jobs. That said the issue is pretty much the same as it has always been i.e. I have only underestimated what it might do with its perverted interest in what criminal think of my concerns – I mean I have to get out of bed every day and chase them apparently and they have to get out of bed and make something on media from the interests that criminals show in it too – so I had considered that I will run my Bookshop down one path and the public will hopefully remember it is what I did with my time and the nonsense we see all the time is what they have been doing with theirs, however we have ended up with a situation in which physical damage is being done to my social and public life, specifically to ruin the Books and writing career, which adds to the University saga and the jobs market problem and is the last straw here as it were. It does love to brag naturally but I have not done a thing about it in 17 years, judging by which its ability to come up with what we have seen does show that there are lot of things its stupidities can do when I had started targeting them at work and at home as well. otherwise we can see it’s the same gimmicks about what democracy means – their homes and lives, families and friends, parties and daily concerns that boost the bank balance is tucked away safely while mine is the subjective of pleasurable and financially profitable practical jokes, blowing off that big mouth all the time because it believes everybody is emotionally compromised on the importance of being a democratic Country. In the end if this nonsense was a problem, another group of gits with Media jobs will run off publicity for it back to back and it is this collective ability to waste my time that is causing the most tension here, while the involvement of journalists and Celebrities and TV personalities in the matter, who talk nonsense all the time about somebody beating me up to make an expression of what their actual stupid social status was, is where this problem is likely to develop into something big enough to make a public crisis. They do claim that I had made enemies at the Monarchy which is utter rubbish, what happens is the story of the Prince of Wales deciding he wanted to run Government alongside Celebrities, leaving me in this situation where the process of developing a wealth equity structure that allows younger people to handle the ways that organised crime affected them at school as the main stress point that gets me dropping out of University again and again and again – so they came up with ideas to tackle me because I had set out some criticism over it while HRH had decided I was good at the matter and should be allowed to take it on; in the end it only expresses answers to the question of the fact that this process where I prefer to tolerate this nonsense rather than act on it was a major problem i.e. I prefer to let it run for a while and once we can see what it is, I may proceed to take action on it – we can see in this case that these goons hang about at the Monarchy with disobedience that helps them make other people’s rules because they are able to throw their lot in with the Celebrities, the outcome being that the Celebrities are responsible for the problems that lead me to create wealth equity structures and whilst their parents kept that up, they entitle themselves to any access they wanted to this Hermitage in order to play both sides, which was only possible because of them hanging about at the Monarchy to make other people’s rules – We see that they are thorough enough with Monarchic duties to see this problem and to tackle it properly the last time we checked and now I can only retrieve control if I set about making sure the General public took up processes where Celebrities were able to get rich on this as a means by which they got themselves on dole funded by the gits responsible for it, such that we can see where all that nonsense about fighting my battles and doing violent bits to back it up and make stupid statements at me around the service processes of my Bookshop really fits into the assumption that the general public will not want to copy it as well. I do get told its already being copied at the Armed services, but I am aware of that, it is not my domain, it is the part where the Queen controls the Military and Parliament. The part that concerns me being that these goons appear to pride themselves in their ability to look for trouble but as I have pointed out, the damage to my Bookshop is the last straw, the last time I will tolerate the stupid celebrity culture and the narcistic civil rights gimmicks which facilitates and runs it.

So it is then said that I deny the fact I am facing difficulties but I am not – to say that time and resources should be diverted to a process where a handful of gits got around my Books and built their own version of publicity for it, to divorce it from its real purpose while the fact they knew what the purpose was and need the books, meant that reading it got them clashing with the history they have built for it, is wasteful; they could be more honest at the Market, we could do with it. The rest of their story being that my Books are a social inconvenience and we know that they had their own history of getting families to gather around loved ones at the Hospital because they were making money, before they decided their need obsession was an Arch Prince whom more so they had no respect for; people write Books from reading, not media gimmicks, when they get involved need bear in mind we are mates more so and read for getting involved with a Bookshop. The rest of it is the old case of the fact women are usually happier and healthier the less you interfere with their concerns or assist them with it but it’s an issue, a complex and personal issue that affects my career and finances disrespectfully, until I am surrounded by healthier and happier women than the ones American Politicians surround themselves with and the war will never end.

I have to listen to that nonsense that I am untidy and it is a global stage shame all of the time but then again I suppose it wouldn’t hurt so much to say that it does not affect the operational parameters of Administrative Government role to be study with business idiots in which condition you hung around somewhere being untidy about it. They do claim this explanation is not enough naturally – for my part, I know I am untidy but it is also possible that a person who complains about tummy issues as much as I do is likely to be somebody that must not get out of bed any later than 5.00am on the day, it happens because I am an early bird but this is not what I am doing, what I am doing is more a matter of being stuck with alternative ways of working on others instead of jobs people had to do, replacement of work processes and job opportunities with bugging Royalty and the pleasures of Industrial espionage over it and of course the processes of being completely divorced from the way their parents raised them or the conventional ways people should be raised, in order to spend most of their time being obsessed with my social life and public image even to the extent where they do for financial reasons and purposes. For their part, I don’t think there is anything about a handful of business twats who cannot trade without bugging Royalty, spending most of their time in the City centres with ideas on how I should be bullied, building up those stupid communities that get imagination around my private parts because I had failed to co-operate with subliminal nonsense I picked up on the streets in order for them to keep an eye on market numbers, which makes me so comfortable that I find myself in a condition where my thought process is such that I had misgivings about destroying it completely.

Most of the time this nonsense right down to the part where companies brokered equities with me and they hung about gleaning the assets off products in order to build their own abusive industrial politics, by which they claim they had need to decide my bank balance in a way which ensured I was equal with them and they could play up advantages they had in order to get ahead later or indeed the part about their insults and abuses being a matter of demands they say was legitimate governmental concerns but really had more to do with gimmicks from white communities and ethnic minorities of which if I gave into any of it, we would find the purposes of those insults we have to put up with while they claim it is meant to cover their backsides while they made money, really played out as a corruption of the armed forces, is all manageable until the politicians get off engaging in the business of riling me with self-pity, then making statements about my punishment being a matter of disrespect for successful people, right up to the stage where it is a form of power trappings to make physical prowess comparisons between myself and criminals, while the interest of the media in it would never be explained as can assume fairly that this nonsense is not in any way a part of the Job description that they signed away to secure the part that has not gotten to their heads thus. So, it is soon going to develop into something of wild uncontrollable Royals versus Politicians that trash Royal careers in these ways and then it will stop the way that makes me comfortable instead.

Otherwise its rather simple that if they thought keeping an eye on me to sell my personal life as a plan to get rich fast, which had failed, giving rise to abuses that come through every time I get my hands on any form of personal maintenance, gone on for long enough to be profitable for them as well, is actually a product of being stuck with business idiots who cannot trade without bugging Royalty and if I am untidy about it there is no part of Government concerns which is affected thereof. We can see facts displayed thereof to show how stupid they really are as it were and the blabbing on how I will lose my Hermitage because of my respect issues thus needs to be addressed here as well, since if they were clever enough to back up such tales, they would not have played my game to such an extent that they had run out of lies to tell – we are now in a place where I do not have to embark on processes of justifying myself anymore, as it had long become the tummy churning gimmicks of ageist idiots bullying some younger people who had lost everything and only had his good reputation left, something about not getting the kind of respect they get from me from their children – the first time it became an issue, it was a matter of picking up the way I get around my church concerns as a means through which they might please customers and they are still clinging onto my books to make a mess of it because they hope that this will one day become a reality for them, but it is growing into tangible criminal damage instead, this story about being untidy which grew into a global stage shame is what is had evolved into apparently. The disrespect is all theirs and of course we know of the story about how I could lose my Royal Office violently pumping out the stupid assumption that it might be possible I have not assessed how fragile my glass house is before I threw stones as it were, especially if I told them they had nothing to lose and I thought they were bluffing.

So far these characters are getting all the time in the world because I am spending more of mine winnowing out those statements, insults and gestures they make to ruin my Bookshop every day, in order to set them out in public and build a campaign on them, so we might approach a way to shut it down, of which it is now quite clear that they do not think I am helping to move the situation on but have rather shown signs of weakness, willing to make compromises after my academic work, job prospects and now bookshop had been trashed because their stupidities were making their own money.

I have been told I am trying to make sense of these matters while it is impossible but it is not impossible to make sense of it from here – they are evil you see, so what most people think is that if they got some civil rights help their problem will be finished, the truth is that it is an opportunity to hang around experimenting with processes of hurting those who do, in terms of the people who spent time exposing the fact others were wicked people and now care enough to try and make such persons comfortable, hence the civil rights movements are usually a trap and the way it is now organised such that they boast about wrecking my career because of they set it out to say their jobs and finances, families, friends and parties are tucked away safely somewhere while they built a crowd that will handle me on their behalf and make me so as they please, meanwhile had access to my Books and could use it as leverage as well is that which continues to serve as motivation for a lot of trouble because they do not really believe, as stupidly as possible, that a prospect of it ending terribly for them really does exist. We see the others at the Monarchy always wish to be so thorough about Monarchic business that they were completely blind to the fact that what Celebrities really think is the reason government operatives tidy up public matters is that they had wittingly or not, accepted responsibility for the filthy parts of their careers and there wasn’t an option to tender a resignation for it either, this is because they do the same things and prioritise their personal wealth over everything else, motivating them to show up here and make my rules all the time, such that the same way that the Prince of Wales was the point they go to set out power and security structures that help them steal people’s property is what they thought big companies existed for. They do claim there is a part of my work that I am hiding and that I think people really want to hear me speak of which both were incorrect. I am not hiding anything if they are aware that should I continue on the same path for a certain period of time, there will be no popularity money, no Media money and no market money for them to fool around with on account I am making the statement that they did not get to address me, their black people were not entitled to get involved with me and they did not get to handle me for their purposes or spend time deciding I did not have the choice to be on my own. The part about the idea I spend time thinking people want to hear me speak was an old story, the one about which I stuffed them with what I knew because I am fed up dealing with the violent manner in which they shared my personal space to feel good about life and how it has evolved from a group of people who perpetually have problems into one such activities – there are problems associated with it too naturally, the biggest is the process of trashing my career and I can always build publicity for the sort of women who achieve such things as well, we know they expect me to show mercy until it became a habit, so they might not get hurt by racists and gangs, while the same problem continued whereby black women were entitled to me and the abusive processes of getting imagination around my private parts was the most obvious expression of their confidence in the crowd that is set out to ensure that I did not deny them needs they had, if I was in possession of what their stupidities wanted. We hear those stories endlessly that my case with Celebrities was a love and hate situation while there is really nothing there save the fact they had a handful of busy body idiots tackling me for playing a part which facilitated the making of reality based entertainment, thereafter we found them get off their need to punish me for what I had done to tackle the interests of their criminals friends and relatives to secure work roles in the enterprises applicable, only to set out using it as a platform that helped them patent bits of my life to their names. Presently their problem is that I built a wealth equity system that helped me work with younger people to administrate the way organised crime affected them at school and with their careers – the Celebrities show up to play both sides where their parents, friends and relatives were responsible for the problem and their civil rights entitled them to my wealth equity structures and now we have ended up with a history of a handful of idiots banding together to pay them millions because they were making trouble for me, get around any products they set out as something that cannot be resisted every time they do it but also need to make a statement they did not have enough to fund a process where the general public copied it and decided to take up the platform that the Celebrities were outsiders while the public actually had rights on the wealth equity system I had built anyway, so to mitigate this issue, I will need to set a stage for a specific group of people that worked a process where they existed primarily as people whom a handful of idiots with money to make trouble for me and this Office, owed debts that are apparently unlikely to be paid off and of course we know they are such a bunch of idiots they have done violent bits concerning processes of fighting my wars, hence there was no way that the general public would copy it too. On a personal note the huge problem is still one of these gits handling my public image and social life as a tool for building themselves a life of fame and riches but then decided they would make physical contact with me to dominate me using the money they had made from it as well, I assume they did it because they considered themselves to be the god that I worshipped or something and it is about to stop and end the way that I am most pleased for it to as well – none knows why they did, I like to assume it is a big insulting ego trip, the University studies lies in ruins now apparently and they had Politicians that were entitled to the personality that had not been consummated by my first degree and a Media that spends all day making stupid abusive comments and gestures over it which wreck my Bookshop. Its only progress from the idea that I wrote a Book that solved their problems because I wanted to get into a position where they were fanatics and my life was inundated with nothing but problems and then I couldn’t handle it and attacked them, being the main reasons for wrecking my career and then tackling me over ideas that my Books were a social inconvenience and we know it’s not the first time they had made such decisions because things like a process where families stood beside a loved one in Hospital was more appealing than a process of simply acquiring a day job, we are now talking about their obsession with an Arch Prince and his life and they were convinced insultingly that since none knew they were criminals, those who exposed them were likely to face difficulties.

I am aware they hang around somewhere developing from this to a handful of idiots in suits that no longer make these gimmicks serious, if their practical jokes wreck my University studies and the Celebrity idiots who make the most of my social life and public image got in contact with them as the gits that would ensure everybody lived as thought Celebrities were surviving on foodbanks, but have become the gits that spend time in the city centre diverting Prostitutes my way and getting them to take up general public space on my social media. I have no idea why they would think it a problem for me anyway, if I am rather of the opinion that sex work was an insignificant thing that stung me every time I ventured into British criminal backyard and if the idiots who facilitate it and live in a world whereby it if was a stupid thing they were likely to do it, insert it into my career and my personal life and then try to save their own do not make it anything more than that, they did not have to deal with eventuality where these fools realised I might be vulnerable to pornography and that they could fool around with such things, considering that they assumed I would face prospects of getting into a fight with city centre idiots that were better fed than I was, if I had decided that they should be vulnerable to prostitution and pornography – unlikely to result in a process where the sex workers had to take them on because of me, although I have to confess that it baffles me in the sense that no matter what I did, as soon as their stupidities got involved, it was heading back down to sex work anyway, which actually really had nothing to do with business and industry, government, education, culture, media and sport or general social life. We see that they were all the same when it grows into a process of serving armed forces the return service for the jobs they do, and this return service for armed forces will run all the way to Asia all the time; where it applied to me specifically was the part their media and celebrity gits engage in the most these days i.e. threatening me for consequences associated with setting out my Hermitage as a cookie jar for the public to access while building reputation for themselves that suggested they took it from it and it now belongs to their stupidities, all of which they planned to enforce through what they saw me do with the activities of shoplifter when I held down a private security industry job. We find them get off this to make those statements that I had not explained the reasons for my actions and the decisions I have made but they are not in any way my decisions at all; what really happens is that the link between criminals serving time and Celebrities is becoming more obvious in my life and career and we have also picked up a habit of upstaging me when people are attacked by Police Officers as well as we have picked up violence against the Police and it’s all because they are unable to see that the rest of us are divorced from the sensibilities whereby an Officer had to make sense of the role the media plays when people are serving time in prison and the relationship celebrities have with those people, as well as the way that the activities of famous people affect processes of criminal investigations, which is really the only part that Police Officers play in their chosen lifestyle while the rest of us really have nothing whatsoever to do with it. It shows up here to stifle my earnings and Book sales every day and this is the big one where I am concerned. They would say they didn’t understand decisions while the business of setting out my concerns as a cookie jar for the public was mainly something which has progressed from the destruction of my University studies by adopting a point from which to come up with violent lasciviousness that crowds became a part of in order that it might be easier to push me into crime from a safe distance, into something they had done because show business had fallen on difficult times and are unable to see that the rest of us were completely divorced from this lifestyle they have got, whether or not they thought that telling us to give more information might help them avoid behaving in such ways going into the future. They do say that I have made something big out of something insignificant but I suppose they were referring to the way they entitle themselves to my personal space and hang about being violent with respect to the way they made use of it, which incapacitates me and my career all day – something I do take responsibility for with respect to the way I stuff them with what I know so I don’t have to deal with 100% of their stupidities all the time and they may trash my career as well if they want me building publicity for them as the kind of women who do it – we know Police Officers are wary and respectful of the way their activities affect the investigation of crimes, the state of affairs being maintained on their relationship with criminals every day. They do say that it is an example of the reasons I need to be afraid of them which is utter nonsense – I have made myself clear it needed stay away from my Books and stop shooting up debilitating comments that scare readers all over my Public image but because I am the one setting out ways of isolating those comments, running a campaign on it and reaching a stage on how they were go about shutting it down, the fact I am doing most of the work is another convenient point of abuse for them; I mean they do say that they are at a loss as per what I plan to do with liberalism when I had gotten rid of them which is also a stupid disposition since Celebrities were a different thing from Celebrity culture that emerged as a tool for managing the way sociopaths were involved with the low work and high pay world of celebrities and it beats me all the time that they targeted me with it, if I failed to acknowledge that they were the sociopaths all together – usual pattern of getting involved with my concerns, especially the blacks who claim they were entitled to access me and had a civil rights crowd to enforce it, come up with plans and punishments for every time that I failed to co-operate with their needs and basically ensure I am always sore all over, as they referred working on me instead of the jobs they got etc.

This is where we get the great confession, that what happens to me is a matter of the way my activities have affected the finances of the rich people and we know that before it did, their money controlled the world, so their silly children showed up here to play with my University studies and now my Bookshop as well, the entire time of which they blab insulting nonsense at me that gets them into a position where they may decide what public interest in my Books were, making a complete mess of the patents and the service processes at the Bookshop to enjoy the benefits of being stupid at my expense because of money that I will now have to hope that they got to share, meanwhile their children will set about ideas on how I ought to prioritise their financial wellbeing after they lobbied Politicians and when I move them on they had revenge after spending five years of my time to get into a position where they can handle the Books they wrote in this place as some form of leverage. It will boast that I have not got a chance when every involvement and insult makes me financially worse off and it hung around the backyards of International communities blabbing of its money controlling the world, such that when it gets involved with me I end up University drop out and broke Royal all together, before they let me in on the big secret that what happens does because my actions have affected their great riches. I don’t think it is a crisis – one must take note of the city centre gits who appear to have been the main problem since the day I left school talking nonsense of the idea they had all the money, these parents who pass abuses at me because their stupid children want to play with my livelihood and their sense of privilege had now grown into a form of stealing which the media and Celebrities helped them run off all day, ripping up public service wealth equity arrangements at the Hermitage and of course the sex work that makes sense of it all – it’s impossible to keep a successful social media profile without taking into account either one or all three and of course they do continue those insults that they handled my concerns because the social media was their turf naturally but we know reality is more of what I do on it to track what becomes of my assets and industrial colour when it makes products because the kind of things people were involved with were such matters as House wives interest in m Arch Prince’s Public image etc, when those products show up at the super markets and other market venues, it has no business with their stupid turf but it is an example of the respect issues that cost me financially and I believe I have said my piece as well.

They do love to boast about finding out how I planned to back up what I had said naturally and of course it’s an old story about the way that I dropped out of University being caused by the very ideas I wanted to test via University knowledge base because they would not stop showing up on it to chase sales. The 8 years from 2012 have really been unprecedented, a matter of stagnated career wholly because I have been unable to cooperate with subliminal nonsense I picked up on the streets, so they might run off money making pyramid schemes, it apparently earned me the punishment of people who have the power to ensure that those who failed to co-operate with their needs were unsuccessful at the Market and at the job environment and this punishment continues still. The Labour Party keeps saying I brought it upon myself naturally after I have gone from Law expert who sets out that there are realities and facts on how I should be handled by others to complains about comments politicians make about my concerns to put themselves in charge of me and draw inferences between me and the actions of criminals, so it must mean that this is the point at which they got off complaining about me too: what has happened to their culture and society naturally being a matter of the fact that they may check me for what I ate naturally if they wanted, since they were awesome bitches. They do claim I needed to do something else as what I am doing isn’t making progress which is utter rubbish; it is making progress just their stupidities wrecking the finances, generally which it means I will come up with a decision on when to stop it or I will have to make plans for vengeance that plans the finances on their bank balance instead when I had failed to – to meet a writer is to invent a new pleasurable narcissistic fun that becomes profitable at the market for these gits and their Celebrities say I deserved it because I withdraw access to my concerns from their stupidities and churned their tummy in the process; it picks up the bookshop service processes as a means by which it runs off civil rights movements that facilitated a crowd that ensured I spent my time doing what it wanted when it needed me to do it because it had to make money while its friends and families and parties were tucked away somewhere safe – it’s not what I do that isn’t making progress, it’s the fact they have not yet suffered because I needed the social life to meet people and make arrangements for distribution processes regarding the Books and I needed to meet people and sign away applicable copies. They do claim I think I am their match but it has nothing to do with matches – it’s more a matter of their idiots in suits behaving as if they were living on foodbanks at my expense and it is now so bad that I get abuses on the streets because people were making money every day due to the sheer crowd that has taken part in the violent lasciviousness they build up to target me, while the civil and criminal business just business disobedience cannot keep a distance from my income margins but then again none of these activities generally meant that they couldn’t show up to read Books whenever they got involved with an author, if their stupidities were quite clear about the importance of their own livelihoods. It’s nonsense we have to witness all the time but it has taken 9 years of my time for them to adopt a disposition that wants to sensor or ban my Books, a position built on media to provide new social life and public image which suggested the Book was offensive and needed to be censored or banned completely but the problem is that their stupidities have not actually read it. They do claim that it’s all a gimmick from Parliament and I am losing everything to my fear that I had lost everything which is utter nonsense as what happens is that I live in a culture where tea and coffee was once free at the bars, those who were concerned with its consumption made their money from tips given for services and we can see in like manner the consequences of my work is that the financial parts of this Hermitage have been completely trashed by Celebrities who are now handling the incentives to plan a life for the next generation and make their stupid selves into real men and women, if I have not yet taken a far reaching action on the matter.

They love making those stupid claims that my main problem was the fact I spent too much time with women – I wouldn’t know anyway, I would simply like the Celebrities and fame bullies to tell me what they suppose the problem was, when we have assessed how completely unnecessary their stupidities and processes of targeting me with abusive and destructive behaviour was, with respect to the way that it’s really all about me and some morally upstanding position I have taken courting attention from people who want to set me out as the character others bully to suck up to rich people and the character people bully when politicians get corrupt and the character people bully when Celebrities paid them to show business advertisement – we all know it is completely manageable, we all know all is well based on what I have done with my Websites and my social media but the reasons we had a problem was that there were individuals that were famous and stupid at the same time, so they build this nonsense up to a game of interest in criminal interests, only to cling to my public image and attack me all day because they were affected and are now blowing off their threats at me because there was in their view, no way that I could solve the processes of people indulging the violent lasciviousness to get imagination around my private parts at their expense, until we met in person and got up close and personal about it as it were, such that it has a lot to do with the time their stupidities have suggested that I spend with women. I don’t consider their case to me the crisis they think it is for me, just a handful of gits, same pattern when they are not yet asking Politicians to help them marry homosexuals in Church; same case of sex workers, the daddies, idiots in suits and some celebrity fools making a total mess of other people’s lives before they were happy to breathe the free air every 24 hours, talking nonsense at me in a hope it will likely continue for an eternity while I became emotionally attached to the importance of democracy and freedom, so they might get away with it. It appears most of the time that I don’t have a set pattern of work but I do; what happens are a series of networks, where some people picked up activity at the Coven to cover themselves and avoid the sexual context abuses that people might channel at them because of their physical appearances, this plays into the various things people do to prepare for a career in advertising, the short videos we see on media all day etc and plays into the support for civil service staff and people engaged in the professional services, right down to the Holidays, it produces entertainment, film, television and music which is rather a form of culture, media and sport that is relevant and I don’t need these idiots. I understand they speak of re-establishing relationships that have been lost but it will never be – this nonsense whereby I am being punished for making the lives of criminals who target me with social issues until I dropped out of University have always existed, in the form of a process where they invited themselves into my Court to claim I sleep with peoples wives and their husbands can take anything from my concerns before the truth is out, to all the other forms of abuses that applied to my career and finances and now the stupid threats I have to tolerate all the time, they had no relationship with me, not least when they show up near my concerns to pick it up and share with industry fools that help them make extra money by the way side, it is all an abusive process by which I got manipulated by a handful of gold diggers and if I want publicity that helps me look after a Court system whenever I think I want to do anything with my personal relationships and needed to ensure it was not a threat to the Public, I believe I am capable of building awareness, network and publicity for it and to do it by myself, all the way to the business of handling society goons, criminals neighbourhoods and a process of assisting Governmental and diplomatic policy all the way to matters of National security and even terrorism, speaking of which companies associated with their stupidities never get involved with peoples concerns the legitimate way and show up here to run off a gimmick for the exploration of murky stupidities that their lives were inundated with, only to show up somewhere laying claims of ownership to derived aspects of my personal, social and public life, looking for as much trouble as they can find, blabbing which people have died on my account and I cannot be free from that big mouth claiming if my assets ended up in the hands of their most loyal customers I will lose it for good, as stupidly as possible.

I. Uno I

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