Another story that never ceases to crop up would be the question of how I get away with what I am doing but we are here because I am agitated by the actions of a handful of people who have assessed how vulnerable I am to the boys and the way I couldn’t approach people on the streets to get them off playing a part in the violent lasciviousness that prevents me from stepping out of my door to chase my concerns – they claim the years that I had ignored their abusive activities wrecking my academic work and my career, which created this circumstances where the means to secure funds for my work was complicated and they wanted me to live in an illusion that every 24 hour of poor book sales at the Office was rather not something that other human beings were deliberately doing to me, even though it has lasted 12 years, happening every day, so they are unable to make sense of threats that suggest that planning my finances on their wallets will soon become a main point of my working processes and then will it stop the way that I would have wanted instead.

It’s this two part story all of the time; make contact with me and tell me what to do – it has no reason or purpose but we know they are looking for ways to make themselves financially comfortable by building Political influence through it and these are a handful of entitled idiots who never stop complaining to Politicians about me and have not yet stopped showering me with insults every time they were given an opportunity to express their freedoms of expression, so it goes without saying they need continue that way and they will soon find out about all the areas of my prejudices against immoral scumbags with ideas about how others ought to exist, who see more about other people violent abilities than other people see, are always running away from war zones and show up here all the time to entitle their stupid selves to my income abusively, blowing off that big mouth about a civil rights and they will likely see all of it too, otherwise I have had enough of them and want my space.

I mean the root cause of all this is the alliance Celebrities have with quasi criminals and society gits – does not bother me because of the devil you know characters at the Monarchy which the Queen does not want to do business with, whose activities intersect with their Celebrity and Media madness, which problem I am currently the best hand to handle, but they are oblivious to the fact I paid little attention to most of their gimmicks because they are not my main concern, issuing those stupid threats any time they could – we all know if I built publicity for this, the insulting scumbags never had a chance to start with as it were. It has been this one issue of the way it gets steadily and criminally complicated because I withdrew access to my concerns from Celebrities and their corrupt nature is starting to play out with respect to handling my public work to make sense of their fame – then there is the story about their civil rights idiots who blow off that big mouth all the time, only to say that if I spoke about my view of immoral scum like themselves screwing up people’s lives, they would also like to see me do something about racist and the last time we allowed them run this nonsense to any extent, the need to wreck the lives of racists in a hope that racists would attack those who had what they didn’t have, led to mass murders all over the world and a particularly bad one in Norway where a single person killed over 300 socialist twats during a convention.

Their need to make contact with me and tell me what to do, is about to develop an outcome where I got to play and work everything here at their expense painfully, plan my life on their finances and wallets, while those gimmicks about state provided security getting imagination up their bums, facilitating the reasons they tackle me is about to answer the question exactly of which was the more important person as it were, otherwise none is asking them for expressions on the matter. So it plays into the sorts of things the Prince of Wales had been doing with gimmicks about running his Office alongside Celebrities; so they showed up here to suggest that their activities were justified while I was working private equity intellectual property administration with companies and the idiots had no reason to show up and handle anything around here as such, the complications at the Monarchy being the extent of influence that the Prince of Wales has built for them over those gimmicks about building a men’s world when he is King, after which the Duke of Sussex joined in and had soon abandoned his family as well. we see this nonsense everywhere to explain the reasons Fashion people usually took their lives or got shot by others on the streets; where it has been a five year torture as though it was better for me not to have showed up on social media, showing up here to pick up my work for the purpose of building fashion items while building me publicity that suggested I am supposed to get into a fight to protect their stupidities and we can clearly see what they were capable of doing about me if I decided it was private equity intellectual property administration and they may get involved with it by another means one more time if they wanted with all that celebrity, designer money, civil disobedience, media fools and big mouth they have got.

Normal people would think that what I have done here was sufficient if this was about tackling the Monarchy for industrial interests; we know I have built up a system such that the more people paid interest to British economic, business and diplomatic interests for the wrong reasons was the more money they lost to small British businesses, as trouble maker Germans have found out, which really works for the German government as well and it shows up in the US where calling the British names was a really bad idea for business as well – so it’s not exactly clear what they want but I can say that normal people would think that what I had done with these issues was sufficient.

It’s been like this for too long; make sense of the activities of criminals and popularity gits on my social life when it gets too close to my career, also because it therefore meant Celebrities could always take advantage of me and I drop out of University, after which I end up in a terrible neighbourhood that provided me facts on what I was writing and they made an alliance with criminals and society gits on my account – so it is progressing in a direction that does not look it but we are about to enter the stage where I will build up enough physical reasons to say if I responded a particular thing people could relate to was the reasons I did and then I will ask them to do it one more time. I mean they say I cannot take them on all the time and it’s not clear what the three part idiots in suits story has to do with me anyway – one part is a paparazzi, the other is a sales git that fancies making money by bullying people and the other is a clandestine fool they meet in expensive restaurants to decide what the Public thought their Popularity meant, but it has continued to be used as a tool that ensured I should have been in 4th grade but found myself in second grade, they passed exams and sat about the work offices, encouraging younger people to get imagination up my bum, the academic environment has become so toxic then, when coupled with the leadership shoving hoodlums through the system on my public image in the name of community development but it was rather all about sorting out ways society idiots can get rich and now I am facing questions about not finding it embarrassing that I dropped out of University when the environment had become this toxic and it is no longer something I am doing wrong. It’s never true any person wants their celebrities to be docile and compliant as claimed either – what happens is that they run off their stupidities until the point of clash which arises when Celebrities don’t know what they are doing but put themselves in charge, emerge, from then on, the issue might be one such as a position that discredits social immorality and the Celebrities would set me out as a character that knows about family life and ought to work for them to provide their children with more superior futures, once this turns over they moved on to the other where Celebrities had more money while I had more class and no part of their abusive stupidities tended to make victims comfortable, its entire purpose is to rip up people’s lives and make them rich and I am fed up as much as their local idiots bang away at me all day, living a life where their idiocy got to control it.

So they claim this is all the sufferings of those who defy Americans and its utter nonsense too – we have conversations around the subject matter every day and we have done some for the past 12 years; something about the years of abuse that have not secured a response from me and the way American fools who engage in it have translated it into a habit of putting up money leverage somewhere to help people buy things like I had lost something important and a need to sell things on a process where I got into a fight attached to it as well, so because I have not developed deterrence to beat them down all the time for it as well, it’s really difficult to find what it is exactly they wanted from me and the reasons I am always dealing with poor book sales because they spend my day doing this while keeping their salaries. Either way, they know what is happening currently is a matter of the way they got to spend their money on their deviant fame idiots who will not get a real job, by screwing with me, so it has become obvious that if they did not want to keep losing their rich and stupid money on such things, they needed to desist.

The story of the way I know about all these but do nothing concerning their abuses is nothing unusual – I am slow in action because there is really nothing to do; I don’t know why the American led stupidities is a substitute for my matrimonial life and I don’t know why the years of inactivity on it on my part have provided them a license to do whatever they liked with my concerned, where the damage does not deter but encourage them but obviously nobody is tackling Americans to make marriage work which results we are familiar with and nobody is seeking to provide a response for the financial abuse just yet, not that I can guarantee if their stupidities continues like this, they were never going to get one. I must contend with financial complications and poor Book sales because they spend most of my time on this nonsense and like to think the way I clear it out was exhilarating.

So we find that responses on my part plays into the hands of the Media which is utter nonsense as the Media is heading towards a time when ignoring them would be a public affair, so each time they kick it off, especially in terms of the local communities getting all over the place, they would suffer for it as much as possible but then again the lesson of the part the media plays in it is that my response to American abuses had nothing to do with them, never the less which they took up a decade and a half of my career time to ensure it does and spent time getting imagination around my private parts to wreck my career, so the idea set out is clearly that if the media wants to do something they will do it anyway and those who feel threatened by their stupidities needed to take it into account. This story comes up all the time and it has no purpose or reason to appear like so, no reason that a time of inaction tended to mean I cannot draw a line under its effects and move on, by a handful of idiots that are certain of what I am capable of because their salaries were not interfered with. The Media on the other hand needs to fight its own corner and show up here to buy Books I had written, not stifle public interest in my work over stupid stories concerning the way they put themselves in charge of important people while they hadn’t a clue what they were doing with the problem at hand, blabbing nonsense about those who will get off state offices to tackle popularity scum that will not get a real job, only to decide as stupidly as possible, that the victims were cowards who were only entitled to financial wellbeing when they did something courageous and it fed into the way their stupid parents will not stop showering me with insults that suggested their stupidities were army commanders in a war zone, in those stupid communities.

The Media do claim that they are doing the right thing and it beats me exactly how their parents got down to this nonsense that I am aware will one day get from all that insult that allows then entitle themselves to my reputation and public image by which they gained access to earning areas of my career, to a suggestion I was entitled to my financial wellbeing if I relied on them for a big break but they may keep the comments and insults even though I cannot tell exactly when they started shooting it off at me all the time until when it goes horribly wrong because I responded too. The right thing that the Media does being the total destruction of my career by showing up here to develop a completely different description for what I did to earn a living and then hang about suggesting I am some sort of scapegoat because they were getting bullied and it’s not the only example of what the idiots can make of their need to invite themselves into other people’s concerns and spend decades of peoples time doing whatever they like thereof, never mind the complains about responses being that which the victims were at fault for all the time. They speak of these enemies I make at the Monarchy for instance and if we assessed the way the right thing they do will end badly, we were talking about a handful of gits that set about their own publicity which discredits the fact I am an Arch Prince, leaving this sense to run around for criminals and society gits, that I am not protected by the Government, to such an extent that the Government was affected and we know if the Queen made a decision about it, they would pick a fight at National security that was too much for them and Celebrity culture would have a field day or they would kill themselves and their children will hate the British Royal family for eternity and it is still not clear what the role Media plays in the matter really was. The American bits will be the part where they say the Monarchy supports the way I handle the American issue while what happens is that the Monarchy supports the way I cannot cease being successful at a process of making sure when they were done making decisions that made those who harass Law enforcement more comfortable than normal people, then end up having such persons run their Country, it created a two part choice of being forced to be friendly with them or finding a wife to settle down at matrimony, the entire time of which like so, we cannot be free of the stupid threats that later shows up here to trash my finances talking nonsense about my responsibility for popularity idiots that will not get a real job.

They love to boast that what I say is a desire to be free of them which will never happen but I can still remember the way that what has now become a case of an annoying idiot who thinks that it’s okay to tolerate another three years of financial complications because his stupidities were too big for you to do harm to over the last 7 which had now provided him a license to do whatever he wanted with your concerns, started out as a self-invited involvement with my concerns, blowing off that big mouth about being aware of consequences which didn’t matter because I was not important enough for the consequences to and now we have a new case where I feel sore all over all day, spending time to clear out the consequences of their own popularity, by which they abusively take up all my time. there is no way to be free of this if I am cash strapped while the idiots are living outside a hospital bed in a professionally furnished house and I simply want them out of my concerns, to stay away from my Books and keep their annoying big mouth shut.

They do claim I have suffered enough to be let alone and its utter nonsense as there would be nothing to worry about if they were not complaining of the consequences associated either with their uninvited involvement with areas of my life I should share with my wife and family or areas of social life I share only with my wife being moved away from them to somewhere safer – complains and comes up with ideas that years of not getting a response from me provide license to inflict me with poor book sales every day. Then we find the talk about me beating down poor people show up while I am unable to simply sit in an Office and write Books, feeling sore all over, the resting after being beaten down in my bed all night for some minutes before I step out of my door had become ineffective in preventing my tummy issues in public and they were the ones who had discipline problems with German influence gits entitling themselves to everything I did stubbornly all day and a stupid media presence set out for it too – they do like to appear as if they can take any ideas I had on making contributions of mine to the stupid wealth and social inequality problem they complain of, while at the same time wishing they had money to oppress me and will settle for an opportunity to without the money either way, looking for trouble all day with a big mouth.

I don’t think the matter is a crisis as such; it’s the old story about get in touch and tell me what to do while America leads on the need to build market by getting me into a fight with others, which fight will be passed off as general public security, provided specifically on the product which were subjects of their greed – then we find those claims show up all the time that when all is said and done my Books had not been affected while the Books were trading items to which I can attach a service and it wouldn’t make sense if I were too incompetent about it, same as the other part where I think that if I were publicly more serious minded I would avoid most of their interest in me which basically amounts of punishing myself for being a happy person on their account. They do claim I had lost control of everything which I have not; what is happening is more a case of characters that didn’t think the Queens leadership mattered doing what they do best when it comes to abuses of the worst kind, making people look overworked or worked Royalty; so that if I had decided their need to abuse my finances developed into a case of spending money on lewd celebrities until they faced personal and property crisis, it wouldn’t simply develop into a matter of the way that business idiots become so narcissistic we would only feel such things were happening where the media got to report the real world for a change, if we ended up with a situation where the Country had no money left, presuming this was possible at all that is. The rest of it is a claim that my Books are disconcerting and everybody who reads it is usually unable to deal with their tummy issues; the entire time of which the idiots have been controlling me through abusive and annoying big brother stealing my time gimmicks, then there was the part where the business was described as Private equity intellectual property administration but the Celebrities have built publicity for it that suggested the Bookshop was a means to get in touch with my Royal Office and deploy it for any purposes they pleased, getting me to fight their enemies in the process and making me say bad things about rich people so they might suck up to those who had more disposable incomes, the entire time knowing that their stupidities were handling property that does not belong to them but deciding I will clash with local hoodlums banging away at me all the time on account they had forged an alliance with criminals and society twats at my expense. They have also done the same with my wealth equity systems, claiming it is me giving people I cannot control the freedom to make money with my work, social life and public image and so there is a list of all these things I can stop at any time by causing them a lot of harm and the question now is that of when they supposed it should to and indeed where exactly they thought was best for it to. we see the same behaviour show up everywhere – something about meeting them and their criminal living, looking like a hermit that wants to tell them what to do in their view, contending with unwarranted threats and abuses from their stupidities, when they are not complaining about me. The Books on the other hand being written not on public equity or business equity or even the equities of the companies involved by private equity, while we know their problem involved a process where they read a Book for every time that they had an interest in somebody’s bookshop. Other times we hear them claim that they would like it to be less weighty and yet I need to sell Books while the need to read something less weighty from me stems from the fact they had a problem with personal commitment – an old story about people being advised by what they wanted to be advised by, such that we find out what is what when there was a real need to change from a certain path and follow one that is straight – we begin to live with realities such as ideas about whom they thought should be paying the price for it, facts such as the reality where none was actually getting paid to run around running off a campaign which eliminated the idea that other people’s careers were not their own to access. It seems that the same things happen to the Celebrities as well, like the consequences of their alliance with criminals and society gits at my expense and a need for people to understand that this is not the first time that it had turned out this way, just their nature. And a promise that in as much as I am not party to the gimmicks that cause the smell issues, if I faced them on a violent situation over it, their stupidities would have started something new as well.

They claim I do not take any risks for my position but we know the risks I take are so integrated into my career, wealthy trouble makers fear to tackle me for such reasons as getting into trouble because I decided the public wanted to buy Books from me that they should have bought but preferred to spend time on practical jokes instead – such that if society gits thought I was writing Books about them, they would have been tackling me over an understanding they had wrecked my University studies over their perverted interest in me that could no longer be managed through a private diary, until these idiots showed up to inflict a 9 hear misery on me taking stupid risks. It goes without saying they needed to buy a Book when they showed up here, lest I started taking risks with their salaries as well. I don’t think that the matter is a crisis – it ripped up my academic work chasing me around over ideas about what would become of me building up my body to get into a fight with people and then when I got into the fighting just a little, it became the main source of threat shooting off its big media mouth at me every day because its bottom hurt and it wanted to keep the Media job and the theory that their stupidities always get what they wanted has not crumbled yet in their view. I have warned them about it before; they are the only group of people who are not accounted for by the actions of Law enforcement people and because they have this need to make a lot of money from fame gimmicks that they had not done a day’s work for, had a need to brew up all that criminal activity they got people caught up in, the same way their black idiots had a need to see me bad mouth rich people so they might suck up to those who had money to spend and it was worth tearing up my career and social life, having realised I had a certain amount of Public authority to fool around with, their stupidities are the only things that fail to realise that labelling me a coward is  a bad idea. So it’s like Police Office apprehends a criminal and makes statements associated with his work – the catching criminals bit was the part where he said somebody was being a criminal, the statement he made was the part where he covered people on the actions of goons who show up to pillage the best idea and best work people had for their career when people get contracts with companies and the companies had affiliates that wanted a point of flesh; they will rip it to shred on their stupid media all day while others were cowards because none has yet developed an opinion about the statements their stupidities made on the job, the complain about what I get up to is now a global stage phenomenon, the insults however continue while they had not yet taken their own into their hands and neither had I as it were.

I do get told that most of what I lose my temper for are mainly people trying to assist me with personal life matters but it is necessarily the case; the Americans for instance are a classic case of tearing up my career to get me into a fight with people and the fight with develop public security for the population who will part with money that will end up in the private coffers of those who provide what they needed to buy, so it was set in stone and one size fits all literally, which is quite a problem. The rest of the time there may have existed some time in which a journalist had a crush on me, so likely of a relationship with one was to lead me down the path of building a social life around working of British backyard for crown service, including involving some alternative and abusive culture from Europe, perhaps some matters of academia thrown in but what has happened in every case of such instances is a handful of idiots setting out an arrangement where they thoroughly trashed my social life and that of others to chase female lovers and set out a stage where abusing me facilitated market, not once in every occasion have they hung about a marketing office in the business they worked for, showing us a marketing text book which had informed them that selling products works that way. I suppose that I am now talking about it because I am starting to think about shutting down the business of punishing people for making a mess of my personal life, whereby it might be construed especially in terms of the fact that I am a libera and it is assumed libera normally see the world in these ways – not that I believed in the star sign issues wholly as such but I run my personal life by setting out potential prospects of social life with people and then from certain time intervals assess which ones were love advances as leads I can follow up, hence I have to take into account what women are doing and they always take into account the fact that Libera is the star sign with the most number of potential suitors from other star signs, hence they always show up to eliminate the competition, of which it is therefore very hard on the suitors. So people have suggested it meant I had lost a lot of opportunities which I have not really, just a handful of characters who love to screw about with my personal life and make a complete mess of it to get hitched with men that will help them build a profile that suggested that they were a big deal – afterwards we find that they believed they could carry on with their lives after and men will simply be interested in them as well thereof because they always got what they wanted. My point being that this outlook suggested that I am probably ready to settle down.

It brings to bear the reality of provoking the men apparently, a handful of idiots who never listen to what others are saying as well apparently and the need to make contact with me and tell me what to do is about to develop into a real problem, especially when it is being garnished with other stupidities that involved threats of violence that work their foolishness into my social life as part of my history, making a mess even of my personal relationships, looking for more of what it is a cracked up out of my league complaining about all of the time.

I. Uno I

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