I understand that what is being made of what I am doing is that of a handful people experimenting on me to find out if I am homosexual – I had this particularly distasteful since it creates the same conditions in which some people were sexually abused and others who were not made statements about their situation and it went back and forth and got around – what really happens being that big brother has been me in my private time and or seen me on the loo, so he has trashed three years’ worth of career work for my Bookshop because of it, the outcome being that I am certain those who had media and Celebrity jobs were now very well aware of which were the comments that were making a mess of mine and are aware of viable processes whereby they got to stop making those comments and gestures. Probability is that I will likely reach a point where I thought I couldn’t handle this nonsense anymore and then I will want to transform the Media abuses into a process where I got to facilitate or got myself deeply involved in a process of bothering them and the Celebrities to take their own lives. Otherwise it was rather clear that as much as they loved such amusements and we had developed from gimmicks led by Americans to say they want to experiment with me and find out what makes me tick, growing from a case of me writing a Book that solves their problems because I am planning to demonise them to becoming fanatics of problems solving who wanted to place problems in my life, into something of short insulting videos they claimed added up to advertisement while their local gits would have thought sexual context abuses facilitated market success and it all made sense in terms of hanging around at a Hermitage to be told I had written a Book which set free people they dominated for trappings of power and is therefore provocative, as evil as it gets. As much as they loved such amusements, they had no wish to spend time with the criminals and hoodlums that picked it up in a hope of becoming proper friends for them as it were.

I have been told I do not take the part Politicians played in this matter seriously but there is nothing serious to take about it – I mean I don’t go as far as I used to anymore because there is such a  crisis these days, whereby every little thing that tickled me brought about results where I got culture and society gits learning how their jobs at Parliament works, so this business of making a massive mess of judicial system business by statements that suggest that although they judged the actions of criminals to be wrong, mine was in the same par because I behaved as if I was the one that could control them, so the criminals got off to organise themselves and handle me on claims that their activities were criticised and so was mine, yet I thought I was better than they were, however when they had become friends with the Politicians, the Politicians then set about a dream of making such a mess of my career that I ended up in a condition where they were able to make decisions that affected my financial wellbeing, which is the reason I regularly behave as though if I felt I was facing a real threat from their government Office gimmicks I would take this to a whole new stage all together. The history I have with this nonsense is that I started out in a manner that involved setting about a job but every day I attended that job earned me abusive processes whereby people arranged music tracks on the radio waves that made sense of criminal British backyard at my expense – soon my employer found it so difficult to keep making profit while employing me in a condition that saw super markets prefer me as a customer instead of an employee and the abuses would never ever diminish, then the grinding process began where some days I got protection from my employer he got bad clients that kept sending back products, other days he just didn’t get clients at all unless I was abused until I was socially flustered to make stupid music CDs while their communities could not allow my tummy issues a moments break – once everything that allows me get a job and civil life had been complete trashed, I had decided to make clean break away from it by attending University and this was the beginning of the global stage nightmare that I am now dealing with; as we can see they appear to be doing very well in terms of the idea there is nothing I can do about them but it is still a wonder what in deed is wrong with their stupid selves. Where they say I think they were not a threat to me but they really were is the part where I will be forced to take action on the way it is always hell and a nightmare when they  bought products from companies, which made a complete mess of the lives and careers of those who had business with those companies and in my case has now developed into something of a process of buying shares with the companies in order to control me and I have a feeling that it would not have been the first time that taking action to prevent ageist idiots making me grovel for money became a global stage phenomenon all together. They do always love to say that I pretend I am clever but do not know a thing and we all know I am not the one seeking to grab the sociological sensibilities of the way others chase the career and academic work because I think it is the way to be successful at market, their own must be the stupidest way to get involved with the academic system. The question usually being one of the reasons people will want to carry around tools that deprive them of opportunities when they could leave it at home, make money at will and display it on demand but this business of passing exams to trash other people’s success and make sense of the self in local communities, right up to the media wrecking careers to deploy what victims did for recovery as a new found fame, really takes it a whole new level as a developmental problem. I have for my part made my mind about it i.e. this keeps adding up, where I catalogued things I had to do to ensure I planned a good life, starting from the day I joined the workforce to the day I retired from it but every year I delayed meant work carried over to the years I have not yet explored and I am running thin on time, I feel as if should I lose it, I will likely secure revenge from the career that has gotten to their heads the entire time. So we have this issue at hand where what I do with my Book writing is such a concern of theirs, that unless I had made sense of my position as a writer who needed to be respectable, being a target for community organised abuses because of the way bits of his career and social life ends up as a plaything for culture and society gits and I can only make the best of it when I drew up a problematic link between writing something in an Office and a process where for all the wrong reasons there is a link between their homes, backyard and bedrooms and the Office in which I am writing it, while the fact I have not acted on this itself was the reason to put labels on me and call me names that their silly children can copy. So we get to fit it into big brothers seeing my personal moments which has now wrecked three years of career work as a gimmick they can share with their Celebrities and Media gits;  we are getting to the stage where their involvement with industry will court a certain degree of enforcement and for me, their inability to keep a distance from my Books and stop churning up comments on my Public image will secure a viable response for progress reasons. We all know that the reasons I am targeted like so cannot be explained mainly because it is being fostered by Politicians who in the past created character whose claimed they had been sexually assaulted but everything was so complicated there hardly was prove – i.e. they never stop building ideas that a person’s property if shared with criminals might improve the blight of crime on society while they have never once pointed to a time in history when this was actually the case and then there is their trapping of power gimmicks getting them to befriend criminals, once the abusive processes had begun, set about tackling me as well – it has now grown into a habit of developing one vanity after another and then having to put it up before the public during elections which earns them those statements people made, that their parties were all same and then they will decide each time there was an opportunity for the public to engage with real party based government policy making that it was all their own elections, their winnings and their government office jobs, I have never met a person with enough argumentative intelligence to dissuade them from doing this but I also believe I have set out enough facts here to show the idea I believe they are not a threat to me but they really are, is not rooted in reality – my inaction has now left me stuck in a world that I do not belong and the people who have done it do not read Books I have written, even those who are likely to be persuaded by a controversy if I explained it to them are being attacked, hence the way they get to pick up my Hermitage and put up Publicity for it that suggested it was a cookie jar for the public and the way they assume I cannot do a thing about it while I can track the aesthetic processes that which products ended up at the market and like I said, we are getting to the part where it will be possible to inflict suffering when they cannot stay away from my Books and stop making silly comments on my career – the Americans are more a group of people who think they were the best at working market and Political nepotism; my Publishers were American but because they were not democrats we had a problem, so it appears their advantage is the size of US market encouraging it and the only idea for stemming the problem is stifling their means to accessing global markets, so that they stopped making a mess of business I have with publishers overseas i.e. claims that I think they are not a threat to me but their stupidities were, is not rooted in reality.

We find them make those statements all the time about the way that socialism is developed on this processes I hate so much where people chose poverty to hang around neighbourhoods tackling younger people but we are also aware of how simple work of gathering intelligence for National security becomes deadly violent because they have chosen for everybody between Fascism and Communism and it’s always one huge big responsibility of this sort after another and another and another but in my case is now playing up as the question of the reasons Media and Celebrities spend time blocking my social life and relationships while they set out my Hermitage as a cookie jar for the public to play with, claiming that show business has hit hard time half the time and that I am being made to suffer for a bad thing I had done half the time. We then find those stupid gimmicks that serve as something we responded to as if it were what the Law of the land was show up all the time and the one in my case is largely a matter of how I stir up trouble that I cannot deal with but by the time we sorted out how I went from a Hermitage to a process of snooping around society to stir up trouble with those who carry out sexual crimes, my career and finances will have been completely trashed. I have made my case on this matter about the reasons they ought to take on the people who assaulted them not handle me because they were sexually assaulted and it usually leads to gimmicks about the way that local people would have attacked me if I did not behave in a way that allowed them enjoy sensations of convenience at my expense and we all know it’s not a gimmick being set out because they have had me all figured out either, just a group of idiots who a selfish, stupid and evil, looking like they were in dire need of services from an exorcist. I have been told this is selfish on my part as well but I have no idea if people were able to account for what they spent their time on, if they have the means to build up the activities of criminals where I had done the best work for my career, in order to make me suffer while their Celebrities set out my public life as a cookie jar that facilitates market if they were the victims of sexual assault – then there is the part where their entire communities exist to facilitate processes where they gathered in a Town square and I was brought in to be judged and have my clothes taken off me, which their community croons will career crime stupidities they claimed added up to civil rights, cannot do without and are always therefore showing up to make statements about questions people have on bad things I have done and confirmation they had that I had done those bad things all day, with the big mouth blabbing thereafter of where I would not say what I have said. It does need to say away from my Books and stop making comments around my concerns otherwise we really are getting there – I mean when people speak of cruelty on my part, I have met people in the tubes and trains who have marking on their bodies that show where they have been hurting themselves and I have met some of them days later and gotten an understanding that they were happy our paths had crossed – these scum are not victims.

Not clear why they build their socialism up at my expense, the need to chose poverty and hang about picking on younger people, building up to revolution and then choosing between communism and fascism for us all by corrupting state security – the Celebrities setting out my personal and social life as cookie jar the public can handle when wanted – the community croons judging me, such that there is always a question of me being a pipsqueak that people want to teach lessons being the main fulcrum of their career crime civil rights stupidities and whatever it is people think I have done wrong, they had prove I had done it and will be looking me in the eye while I get it with a big mouth –eventually it grows into a bubble built up from the perversion of service processes at my Bookshop and the best forms of insults that can be developed from what I have said about my market while holding Royal Office since they have always preferred to fool around with the Books whether or not I was prepared for full on trading processes etc and this bubble they run off at me all day and enjoy the way I respond to the fact they want me to live in that bubble and abandon my life for them to seek conveniences, money and decadence by as though they were entitled to. It always loved to blab about how so much of a bad situation I would end up in but the reality is largely that their stupidities are a function of other peoples responsibility and leadership, it needs to keep away from my Books and stop shooting off stupid comments on my public image and career. We see this process play out every day – first we worry about Celebrities and my cookie jar social life they have created to make more fame and money, then we worry about community croons and the idea whatever bad thing people think I have done they had prove that I had and I am getting it soon, then the other scum at the Monarchy will show up to run off publicity for them that said anything they saw within my concerns was something they were entitled to have, the tension builds up and they would be the first to crack blowing off that big mouth at me all day.

Now I have been told none really knows exactly what my view of these individuals were but it’s the old gimmick about a handful of incredibly stupid individuals whose children want to play with my career and livelihood, talking nonsense at me all the time – the problem is intensifying from the game of hell breaking lose when they buy products from a company and therefore outcomes being that working with such a company became incredibly difficult, then it gets worse when its ageism serves it well for the purpose of buying shares in those companies I have been involved with in order to control me – I mean I am sure I am not talking gibberish when I say they need keep away from my Books and shut down the comments. We all know it never does anything to please the boss at work without making sure that another person suffered as a result of it all together – such that we reach that stage where they build a community on it and if those who suffered the most were those who had talents the boss was interested in, then their position was one which destroyed everything good in the Country while we are unable to free ourselves from their stupidities talking nonsense about wars that break out when they don’t get what they want; we know what their idiocy is talking about is instances where their friends will hold guns and want them to join up because either by the enemy or some draconian rule they were unable to follow, they were getting killed anyway on account that they play huge contributory roles in the eventuality that leads to the conflicts, while it will explain its stupid position away well according to its madness, by a process of showing the problem came about because those who dared to own something better than what its stupidities had existed. They do say the irony is that people like me who hate the wars were good at it but it seems these gits are unable to see that it is a tool that is used for a specific purpose and that there are people who have jobs in the business of how it operates – you are supposed to assess a Public threat and eliminate it based on conventional training but when it comes to the process of those crucial decisions that are set to ensure the threat does not repeat itself, it’s usually the ingenuity of the soldier that is required to create one, so it is usually invented by the people who got rid of the threat; being able to carry twice your weight is the first line of defence not what qualifies as bruiser for the Queen, I mean in case people need to carry colleagues or even commanders who are the only persons that know where supplies are located. So we get to make sense of these idiots talking nonsense about wars on the basis of their civil rights as a matter of fools who simply play up their gimmicks on the money madness to such an extent they were happy for people to pay the highest prices imaginable while we hung around somewhere later thinking we could have done better, hence its always apt to torture them during their time in this world is one can do it, we know at the Monarchy it is thought of as human resource wasting and that no other group of people in the Country come up with these stupid ideas. So in terms of the idea I need stop talking the way I do since it will get me into trouble; It was an old story of the way that I am not prepared for trouble, so they suckle me and target me with it, complete with gimmicks on covering their tracks which involved imagining what I might do to them and setting out a counter process, complete with features such as projection of their social problems on me and the way they were entitled to access my personal and social life because their civil rights gave them license to.

They do claim what has occurred here have shown me how difficult it is for celebrities and media and its utter nonsense as what happens is that it has no wish to get out of a career it knows nothing about because it is getting sensations of convenience from its abusive and destructive involvement, complaining about difficulties that are understood when it refuses to accept that it puts itself in charge of what it knows nothing about – Then there are the other mean cunts that show up once done expressing all sorts of nonsense about being good looking and strong enough to do fighting in a way that respects the rules, blabbing while I am trying to keep them from inflicting nauseating financial complications on me whereby I cannot measure public interest in my work and cannot therefore work the accounts Books since a history of insults is picking up interest in what my patents had built and diverting it to other businesses, as stupidly as possible, the means by which they show up here like the scum that people had washed off a professional service, talking nonsense about being able to do fighting in a way that respects rules because they were good looking and strong enough for it. I really do need to collect those comments for a campaign, get some matters of out of system and begin this processes that will get them begging for me to stop, in order to make this nonsense move on all together as it were. I am however not necessarily the victim they would make me out to be as such either – the main problem here is that the guy who snoops around South America and Asia for the Celebrities has lost everything because of me but I guess next time round they will trash my job prospects, then University studies, then get after my Bookshop to pick up my work as a tool that helps them please themselves while the insults they channelled at me was a matter of the fact their children wanted to play with my livelihood – they do make those bold claims I am star struck with their good looks which is utter nonsense as what happens is that it is becoming more obvious their activities in my court system is what it is because I have not got a spouse to work it with me and hence they had achieved something very important. They always say I think they had lost everything but had not naturally and it can only continue until I picked up their inheritance and divided it between several people at the security services to cater for consequences associated with stupidities that run off to Russia to burn my Assets.

I. Uno I

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